The first iterations of the Ether Square Metropolis hard bifurcation will appear

nnAlthough the powerful function of the tower is recognized by many enterprises and users, but its network also has a variety of problems, the most need to address is to expand the network, so that it can support the large number of users to large-scale application program. Metropolis is the key to achieving this goal. It is reported that the first phase of the Metropolis bifurcation will appear this week, showing that the developers are really trying to solve the challenges they face and will give their supporters more confidence.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Other developers at the APF Foundation and Open Source Ethernet Square development community are already ready for the first iteration of the Metropolis Bifurcation Proposal this week.n
According to Jordan Daniell of ETHNews, the Metropolis bifurcation will be performed in two phases. Its first iteration is known as the Byzantine hard bifurcation, which is a solution that is expected to minimize the bad behavior of the ether-based ecosystem. Byzantine hard bifurcation will be integrated into the ether square test online, as early as possible on September 18 to achieve.n
Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the company, highlighted the need for network improvements and hard-bifurcation in an interview with Cointelegraph to provide a more efficient, secure and robust infrastructure for de-centric applications (dapps) and developers.n
Need a more powerful agreementn
In the past 12 months, more and more billions of dollars worth of financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and dapp developers have been through the “Enterprise Ethernet Square Union” and other organizations into the ether square ecosystem. Companies such as JPMorgan, Microsoft, Intel, and BBVA are actively developing applications based on the Etherbus agreement to automate operations and develop new infrastructures based on the tower-wide block network.n
The developer will need a more robust agreement to enable the Ethernet network to support all upcoming large-scale dapps in the near future, especially for many commercialized applications that are applied to larger platforms.n
As before Buterin said:n
n”Applications have been in many areas, such as the United Nations World Food Program, authentication, supply chain, forecasting the market, centralizing Reddit / Twitter and mesh net. These are not important now because there is no scalability. Has reduced the publicity because I see the main bottleneck now is not the interest, but the technology.n
nAlthough this week only Byzantine hard bifurcation will be tested in the ether-square test network, its successful testing process will enable the APF Foundation and its developers to simplify the integration of the second phase of the Metropolis hard bifurcation. Once the Metropolis hard bifurcation is complete, it will commercialize most of the centralized applications mentioned by Buterin and publish it in scalable and efficient ecosystems.n
The main steps n
Butterin said in an interview with Cointelegraph in April that the APF Foundation will continue to improve the core agreement. Once more companies and users begin to develop and explore other use cases, the scalability and flexibility of the Ethernet network will allow large block-chain applications to be tested in various industries.n
Buterin said at the time:n
nFirst of all, we will continue to develop technology to solve pressing challenges, we have started to solve some problems, but there is still a lot of work to do, including scalability, confidentiality and security issues.We need to solve these Issues to ensure the further development of the agreement and the entire ecosystem.In addition, we are focusing on the expansion of the system to ensure that more projects are being built on the etherfront, and more companies and users are using the platform to explore new use cases. “n
nMany experts, including Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, said that scalability is a major issue if the etherbox wants to support large, decentralized applications with millions of users. Metropolis is an important step in effectively extending the Ethernet platform.n

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