The first New York war for the creation of standardized bitcoin exchange

The first New York war for the creation of standardized bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin’s future depends on people contest.

Nasdaq, is famous for its high tech stock exchange; Mark Anderson, once created Netscape investment, to create New York’s first standardized digital currency exchange wrestling, according to people familiar with the matter said.

Are eager to promote the creation of such exchanges, because new legislation related to bitcoin highest organ of the state finance work is nearing completion, which is based on the four industry insiders reveal the news.

The relevant laws and regulations of the dawn will appear earlier in July, the NASDAQ has begun to discuss how to get the advantage in the increasingly popular virtual currency in the field of internal, sources said.

Anderson’s favorite venture investment early tech start-ups such as Twitter, has already begun to do the work for the upcoming new regulations and will be established in the New York Financial Services Bureau exchange. According to sources reveal.

The NASDAQ would step forward, they love to act quickly – exchange officials are expected within a year to create a standardized trading platform for users to buy and sell bitcoin, an insider said.

The NASDAQ has been in the bitcoin community has some bases, such as the Winklevoss brothers bitcoin exchange traded funds, this is the first publicly traded fund digital currency.

By Benjamin Lawsky’s DFS, to exchange issued a proposal, this is the time in March this year, when private non regulatory bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox went bankrupt, investors lost $400 million.

The DFS initiative is not the final regulations, it is mainly for network security, license and consumer protection. According to a news person.

The NASDAQ is ready to familiar with the safety rules of autonomy organization, once it opens the door to bitcoin, which will bring the whole industry shocks, experts say.

“This will bring fierce competition for startups.” Marco Santori said that he was a lawyer in New York, chairman of the fund legal affairs committee.

“Usually will become the enterprise moat protection regulations.” Santori said.

The financial sector is currently the bitcoin business management to bank financial inspection provisions adopted in 1970, this clause requires financial institutions to review and implement anti money laundering regulations, including strict cash transaction records, report suspicious activity. For most banks, it requires a lot of staff to guard and report transactions.

Although most people do not fully accept the digital currency, but from Network to Satellite Television Corporation Dish, to Texas, Austen donut shop, have announced that they accept bitcoin.

So, bitcoin rapid popularity brings management legal issues on legal supervision, but also a challenge to the existing exchanges, especially those small and overseas.

DFS spokesman Matt Anderson, NASDAQ spokesman Joseph Christinat, spokesman for Andreessen declined to comment.

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