The first set foot in the field of bitcoin bitcoin into the mainstream

The first set foot in the field of bitcoin bitcoin into the mainstream

At present, Noble company from the founder and CEO John Betts (John Betts) responsible for leading members of the team, mainly from the traditional financial giants such as Goldman, Morgan Stanley and UBS, Merrill lynch.

The NASDAQ has really come! The day before, the world’s largest stock exchange announced a partnership with bitcoin startups Noble Markets, this is the first foray into the field of bitcoin nasdaq.

According to a joint statement provided by Noble X-Stream, the NASDAQ trading system will use Noble officially launched on its platform, with the platform of the multi asset trading mode, Noble will enter the 30 markets worldwide, while the NASDAQ will provide market support.

It is reported that Bates is also one of the activities of investors and organizer, he also served as vice president of Strevus position.

Bates said, Noble is a market not to bitcoin exchange competition, but try to provide liquidity for the company.

Bates told CoinDesk:

“We don’t want a piece, our goal is to create a fair environment for large funds, Noble can provide liquidity to other exchanges, to create a bigger pie.”

In Bates’s view, Noble is a bridge between traditional finance and the bitcoin community, its goal is to find the “best” to attract those completely different ecosystems.

The embrace of innovation

Lars Ottersg? Rd, the Nasdaq market technology department, executive vice president, he said in a statement:

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Noble Markets industry veteran, and look forward to them in solving the frontier field of digital currency demand and support.”

Bates said, according to his personal experience, he believes that large financial institutions are eager to get involved bitcoin this technology.

In Bates’s view, although bitcoin provides some inherent advantages, but only these are not enough, this is the Noble company to solve the problem.


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