The former US presidential candidate: 50% people optimistic bitcoin 10 year investment

Source: Golden Finance

According to reports, a survey by the American former senator and former presidential candidate Ron Paul recently on its twitter to his 600000 fans initiated, if give you $10 thousand a rich, let you invest in 10 years, you will put the money into the Fed (Federal Reserve) notes, gold, bitcoin (BTC) or 10 year Treasuries? So far, more than 94 thousand people have received the reply.

Ron Paul survey results showed that 50% of respondents more love, 37% gold coins, 11% of the 10 year treasury bonds and 2% of the federal reserve. Although some people may be surprised at the results, but the encryption fans were in stride a step. Ron Paul is famous for advocating encryption currency.

In any case, the great support of Twitter and BTC Ron Paul obtained encryption currency will continue to exist before as many industry experts pointed out. The poll also stressed that a lot of people, such as ShapeShift CEO Eric Wallis (Erik Voorhees), they are worried about the US economic and fiscal policy is likely to go downhill.

This is not the first time that the Ron Paul experiment. 2017 years 12 months beginning with BTC every day continue to release new record, Ron Paul proposed the same problem, provides the same choice for Twitter users. At that time, more than 54% of the respondents chose bitcoin. Therefore, even in the case of weak market, this figure is almost no change in long-term investment is undoubtedly a positive signal encryption currency.

Compared with the polls in the traditional sense, this kind of investigation involves a wider range. A survey of global research and data company YouGov last week showed that 20% the British people think bitcoin will like cash or credit card as common. The same Ron Paul in the Twitter poll is to cater to this social platform encryption community psychology.

Ron Paul said the poll is the supplementary conditions, until 2028, the investment must remain unchanged. The survey results show that the long-term value of respondents bitcoin confidence is not affected by the market downturn this year.

The investigation contents are as follows:

“A rich man now want to offer you $10000, you can choose the following 3 ways to receive. But there is a premise: this gift can not be cashed in 10 years. Would you accept this gift in what form? 1, $2, gold; 3; 4, 10, bitcoin; year bonds.”

The survey shows that half of Twitter users choose long-term investment bitcoin

As of press time, has voted 50% bitcoin, choose gold 37%, only 2% dollars to choose.

In order to pay tribute to Paul, CNBC encryption (NeuNer) traders Neuner made a similar investigation, asked his followers to the same problem, but the choice of encryption related options. In the case of NeuNer, 52% of the 39% people love XRP, love BTC.

Members of the European central bank executive committee Beno t C ur said in a speech this week: “bitcoin is indeed a very sensible concept. Unfortunately, not every wise concept is a good idea. There were many before the blockchain before the opportunity, but there are many problems in bitcoin. I think the bank for International Settlements (BIS) for Agust n Carstens very good, “he said bitcoin is a collection of bubbles, Ponzi schemes and environmental disaster.”.”

BKCM CEO Brian Kelly said before BCH hard to BCH bifurcation, bifurcation results of hard investors feel confused, they are fleeing from BTC and BCH market, because of fear and slow down the pace, perhaps will consider recent holdings.

However, the former US presidential candidates on twitter the latest polls show that the recent currency price fluctuations did not affect firm confidence in bitcoin’s.

Just a few weeks ago, Ron Paul published an article criticizing the Fed’s column. In this article the politician was called “Crazy” the Fed’s article, Paul explained that the centralized banking catalytic hatred, income inequality, inflation and other a series of bitcoin manufacturers problems. Then, he continued to tout bitcoin and gold, silver and other precious metals, to alleviate these problems.

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