The founder of the Boldstart initiated the first block chain accelerator for the Hyperledger Fabric

nnnAuthor: Edist, founder of Boldstart Ventures, venture capital firm, yesterday announced the Fabric Foundry project to launch the first accelerator developed specifically for startups built on the Hyperledger Fabric chain. Through this project, Ed Sim clearly expressed his confidence in the block chain technology. It is reported that the accelerator is designed to help start-ups to study and use Hyperledger Fabric, and Ed Sim also revealed that IBM will act as an initial partner for Fabric Foundry to provide training and support for accelerator participants.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe founder of venture capital firm Boldstart Ventures wants to launch the first accelerator developed specifically for startups built on the Hyperledger Fabric chain.n
nWith the end of the deal with Google’s $ 120 million, investor Ed Sim announced today that the Fabric Foundry project, through which he joined the camp for lifelong investors, expressed confidence in the block chain technology.n
nBut the accelerator can also be seen as part of a more specific recent trend: Institutional capital is indispensable for leaping development of this technology as more and more open source blocks are on the line.n
nWhen communicating with CoinDesk, Sim indicates that the positioning of the accelerator is a potential “pipeline” for the efficient use of shared distributed class books. 1000 companies continue to deliver resources.n
nSim said:n
nn”We feel that there are a lot of business research and use of Hyperledger Fabric, but there are not many start-ups in this area, and we want to narrow the gap.”n
nnCompanies that choose to join an accelerator will spend eight weeks learning how to build applications using open source and get an unexplained amount of money to help them complete the build process. When the build is complete, the start-up will be invited to present their ideas on the day of the invitation only.n
nAnd the future terms of investment for participants are still in negotiations, Sim said that these investments may be limited to “small” common equity.n
nChange potentialn
nWith the launch of the fund, Sim has added new content to the cause that has reached a significant high.n
nSim co-founded Boldstart Ventures in 2010, clearly aimed at investing in start-up companies with enterprise-class technology, particularly those related to enterprise infrastructures.n
nAnd Boldstart has withdrawn funds from New York’s Divide, which was acquired by Google for $ 120 million in 2014, and GoInstant in Nova Scotia, which was acquired by SalesForce for $ 70 million in 2012. The companies currently invest in the company’s portfolio include Hypr, a zoning biostatistics security company.n
nAnd because the traditional infrastructure platform is largely built on proprietary technology, Sim sees the potential for change from this.n
nSim said:n
nn”The whole idea is that as long as you complete the process, we can carry out some pilot projects, and then when you have a real customer, not just the technology, it may get more money.”n
nWell – known partnern
nThe release also revealed that IBM will serve as the initial partner for Fabric Foundry to provide training and support for accelerator participants.n
nAs a result, Marie Wieck, general manager of IBM Chains Chain, told CoinDesk that she believes her company will help drive the development of the platform, and she is the leader in helping lead the league in 2015.n
nBut the news about this partnership is just the tip of the iceberg, and the next may reveal the formation of a new food safety alliance, Wal-Mart, Nestley, Kroger and other large companies are likely to become members of the alliance.n
nAccording to Wieck, Sim’s experience with traditional infrastructure companies is likely to be a prominent feature of the project.n
nWieck in the IBM Manhattan headquarters interview, said:n
nn”We are providing support for it, but the project is actually driven by a lot of other participants.”n

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