The fourth big bubble bitcoin

Bitcoin crash several times in this period of time, causing severe market panic. Interestingly, I can see through the historical data, bitcoin has experienced several times this situation.

I’m blowing bubbles

Some people still remember the bitcoin bubble 2011? After that, there is also a bubble in early 2013, and 2013 at the end of an. Against bitcoin bitcoin or negative attitude of the people on the Internet continue to publish “bitcoin will die” negative emotions.

Through the above chart you can see a few bubbles in history of bitcoin. Here we introduce more background to you.

Of course, bubble in 2017 is not the latest data add, below we will online the latest picture here.

It can get 2011 years 5 months the bubble evaporation of the market value of 94%, took 19 months to return to historical highs. In April 2013, bitcoin fell sharply for two consecutive days evaporation 83% market capitalization, but 7 months later, it rose to a new height.

Finally, in the end of 2013 when the bubble has experienced 20 months of decline, the market value of the evaporation of bitcoin 87%, then experienced a slow but steady growth period in three years ushered in a new turning point.

Therefore, after 11 months of time to evaporate 80% of market value, is not necessarily a bad thing. Had to sigh, if we know where the bottom is good.

When the market panic of greed

At the same time, EToro senior analyst Marty Greenspan (Mati Greenspan) tweets to boost the confidence of the market indirectly. His tweets mainly highlights the significant loss of 2000 during the dotcom bubble big companies suffered.

Of course, some of which never reached the boom brilliant. But thankfully, in the fall after the 98.7%, Amazon’s stock price rose 37000%.

The past does not predict the future market trend

Of course, all this does not give us any substantial help, but it may remind us that all people who enter the market, don’t give up hope. After all, critics claimed bitcoin has died 300 times, almost since it is born and died, it was 10 years ago.

So far, we have been trying to ride out the storm, still do not know now, after 10 years we will continue to sail. Although this week the market continued to fall, but with the number of bitcoin users in constant growth, bitcoin volatility is also declining.

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