The French central bank does not support the tobacco shops selling bitcoin

The French crypto currency platform Keplerk has partnership with domestic tobacco companies, is expected to begin early next year to provide bitcoin to customers. French regulators and the Bank of France (CentralBankofFrance) on the risk investment of digital currency to warn consumers.

The Keplerk platform has more than 27000 operators, which is the largest currency trading platform network encryption.

Now, a number of 10000 point of sale of the platform has been included with the French tobacco store, reached an agreement to sell the currency encrypted by Keplerk platform. The state-owned 24 thousand hold tobacco companies, they also provide integral lottery sales, mobile phone operators, selling music and video streaming media services.

Bitcoin sales will bring a new source of income for the point of sale. Crypto currency platform will charged through a 7% Commission on each transaction as the business risk investment returns. Adil Zakhar Keplerk, director of strategic development, said that the tobacco store will be the first in the world in the world around the coin store sales bit.

The commercial operations of a year and a half of the time to plan the project, he has found a way to contact retail investors, namely by signing a contract with a local register software supplier, the software supplier allows the tobacco shop selling bitcoin vouchers to customers. Then, the customer can use these coupons through the electronic wallet access Keplerk encryption currency.

This business has been approved by the local authority, but the French central bank does not support the tobacco shops selling bitcoin. The bank said in a statement, the French authorities will not carry on the supervision of Keplerk associated with the encrypted transaction, related transaction is not subject to the supervision of consumer protection ordinance.

“These are purely speculative assets, not money. Bitcoin investment or other assets themselves bear the risk of encryption… Do not do any compromise. On this issue, there is no room for negotiation.”

Between the Keplerk and the tobacco business cooperation will make them as a middleman in bitcoin voucher sales activities. The Bank of France not to the Keplerk platform, will not make any regulations for tobacco shops.

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