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Novel: through fat wife

Author: Feng Mang

Protagonist: Cheng Yue, Zhu Fuling

Type: Modern Romance

Introduce: also known as “80 happy event fat woman turns over body” Zhu Fuling passed through! Become a married woman in the 1980s, fat and poor, give her husband a green hat! She decisively lose weight, do business to earn a lot of money, by the way abuse slag, fight the best, live a prosperous and wonderful life! Her husband, who had ignored her, was not happy. Seeing her divorce document, she was so angry that she caught her back in the house, crushed her and married me. She will be my man in my life. Zhu Fuling: who are your people? Think beautiful! A man’s eyebrows pick slightly, will she confine in the arms, wife, this life, you do not want to escape. Zhu Fuling: said good Gao Leng cool brother, how to become a loyal dog?

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Chapter 1 through chengfeipo

“Well… Headache…”

Zhu Fuling headache to crack, ears ring a buzzing sound, all harsh sarcasm.

“Even went to Chen section chief’s wedding confession, do not look at their own fat, worthy of others section chief Chen?”

“It’s a question of whether it’s worthy or not? She’s got a man, and she’s always grumbling to Mr. Chen. She’s not ashamed to be home! “

“Fortunately, section chief Chen loves her daughter-in-law and doesn’t pay any attention to this fat woman! It’s a pity, director Cheng, that the great man married such a thing, and even if he didn’t have a good day, he was still wearing a green hat all day long! “

A sharp voice, as if to pierce the eardrum, Zhu Fuling was awakened.

Seeing the surroundings, she stood on the spot.

There was an old wooden table and chair in the empty room. There was an old hot water pot and an enamel jar on the table. There was no decoration design in the room.

The concrete floor, only scraped white putty, but also scraping uneven, the ceiling is not her familiar ceiling shape and European Crystal Chandelier, but a round naked light bulb.

The old green hanging fan is swinging around, making a creaking sound in disrepair.

It’s like the ’80s.

The ’80s?!

It can’t be true?

Zhu Fuling suddenly an exciting, immediately looked at his body, and then the silly eye, she realized a terrible fact – she, through.

Just a moment ago, she was still checking clothes one by one with her own design drafts. She had no time to fall in love. At the age of 30, she was about to step onto the international stage, but she was knocked down by the chandelier at the press conference!

Wake up again, that’s it.

Suddenly, a stabbing pain, a section of memory that does not belong to her, came in a torrent.

It turned out that the original owner was a married woman who married Cheng Yue, director of the state-owned unit.

According to reason, the original owner is fat and lazy, and his reputation is poor, so he is not worthy of Cheng Yue.

After all, although Cheng Yue was born in a poor family, he was smart and ambitious. With his strength, he got out of the poor mountain village and rose to the position of director in state-owned units.

In the 1980s, it was enviable to enter a company, not to mention the head of the hall. How many marriageable girls were chosen at random, and the matchmaker who went to the door of the matchmaker could flatten the door of his house.

It’s a pity that Cheng Yue’s father and the former owner’s father work in the same small unit. Because of an accident, the former owner’s father tried to save Cheng’s father who had made a mistake in the operation of the machine tool. One hand was twisted into the machine, and the whole arm was discarded.

The mother of the original owner was snobbish. She not only wanted the director’s family to lose money, but also took the opportunity to take advantage of her kindness to marry Cheng Yue, her fat daughter who was lazy and could not marry at all.

Cheng Yue is not as cheeky as she is and can’t rely on this kindness. Finally, she marries the original owner, but because she can’t accept the original owner, she rushes back to the factory the next day because she has to work overtime. She is like a snake and a scorpion to the original owner.

The original owner was also a cheeky man. He hated the hardships of life in the country and went to live in the family home of the factory. He was disgusted with his husband’s lack of interest. He fell in love with the courteous section chief Chen, and even ignored that he was a married woman, he went to pester him.

Even in Chen section chief marries the daughter-in-law’s wedding to draw, publicly confesses to Chen section chief.

The scene was comparable to the magnitude 10 earthquake.

As a result, before the bridegroom and the bride had an attack, the original owner fell down because he was too fat. His head just hit the post, and he fainted and was dragged away by several strong and strong best men.

Zhu Fuling is messy in the wind.

She never thought that the original owner should be so excellent!

What’s the matter with the three big swimming circles on the stomach?

Zhu Fuling had more headache. She dragged her fat body to the table and took a look at the mirror on the table. Then she almost threw the mirror out.

After staying in the fashion design field for a long time, she has seen many slim and slender models. Zhu Fuling has hardly seen such a fat woman.

Her body fat was almost a ball. Her hands, feet and stomach were cut out by the clothes that didn’t fit. Others had double chins at most. She just turned into three chins. It was hard for her to bow her head.

What’s more, I’m still sloppy and greasy.

I don’t know how long I haven’t washed my hair, and it turns into sticky wisps. There are white dandruff floating in the shiny oil. My hands and feet are not clean. There is mud between my fingers. My fingernails are long and black. All of them are dirt. It makes my scalp numb.

Zhu Fuling is not only a headache, but is about to crack.

Smelling the strong smell in the air, and then looking at the small broken house which was not as good as the pigsty, Zhu Fuling stood up with his eyebrows clenched.

Anyway, for the future life, she has to lose weight and make money!

Now, at least clean up the house, or is this where people live?

On the floor, garbage and rice are mixed together. I don’t know when the green vegetable noodles that have been thrown on the ground have not been cleaned up, and they have grown green and black mould. Two flies with thumb size are crawling on it in front of her face. The scattered noodle soup is trampled on and the ground is covered with oily footprints.

Kitchens and bathrooms are more terrifying.

The dishwashing trough is full of dishes. It has not been washed for at least a week. The enamel bowl is either yellow or black. It is stained with the leftover vegetable dregs and gives off a rotten smell. A group of flies are also attracted to hum.

Thinking that he had just worn more and more, there was no place to go temporarily, Zhu Fuling took a deep breath, “clean it up first, how to say it is also a place to live for a while.”

As for the future?

She is a powerful woman in the 21st century. When she came to the 1980s of reform and opening up, she naturally wanted to seize the historical opportunity to open up the clothing brands of her previous life, re-enter the Paris fashion week, and complete her dream of dying in vain!

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Chapter 2 inherited husband

Zhu Fuling opened a window to ventilate and spread out the bad smell. Then he found a waste fertilizer bag, poured out the leftovers and garbage, put everything to be washed away and cleaned it thoroughly.

Oil and black dirt can’t be swept off, detergent is too expensive to use, and there is no such thing at home.

Fortunately, there is detergent.

Zhu Fuling turned out the towel gourd from the corner of the kitchen, stained it with washing powder, brushed all the stubborn oil stains, and then wiped it with a clean cloth. Until the water used to wash the cloth in the bucket no longer turned black and almost clear, she put down the dishcloth.

The house was finally clean, like a place to live.

But she also had back pain, and she was directly tired and collapsed on the old wooden sofa. Her fat body was sweating, and her clothes were sticking to her body. It seemed that the whole person had just been pulled out of the water, which was still the kind of stinky sweat.

Zhu Fuling loves to be clean and can’t bear his untidy state, so he opens the wardrobe with tired and sour body.

The original owner’s aesthetic is not online yet. The selected clothes are either bright red or green. In order to make them look slim, the clothes they buy are particularly tight. According to Zhu Fuling’s experience, these clothes can’t breathe when they are put on, and they can also strangle layers of flesh. It looks funny and funny.

Zhu Fuling almost looked through the wardrobe, only to find a set of Small Beige flowers loose clothes, took into the bathroom to take a bath.

There was no time to heat the hot water, so she washed the cold water.

The water poured on her body made her shiver. Fortunately, it was a big summer and she could barely bear it.

Fat body, very inconvenient.

Zhu Fuling is determined to lose weight.

In her previous life, she was tall and slender, and her weight was maintained at about 95 kg. Now, if she wants to return to her previous life, she must lose at least 70 kg of meat, right?

It’s a long way to go.

In his wild imagination, Zhu Fuling took a good bath and put on loose clothes. The whole person seemed to be completely new and relaxed.


The stomach rattled out of time.

Zhu Fuling covered a circle of meat on his stomach.

Do you want to eat it?

Just thinking, the door was suddenly pushed open, a tall and straight figure appeared in the sun.

Cheng Yue, the husband of the original owner, is back.

He has a sharp, straight brow and deep facial features. He is not inferior to any big stars in the entertainment industry in the future. His white shirt and black trousers make him a broad shoulder and narrow waist. In the eyes of Zhu Fuling, a fashion designer, he is the most perfect hanger.

How could such a man be harmed by the original owner, who was still in the blessing and didn’t know the good fortune, and wore a green hat to him again and again?

Zhu Fuling has lived for 30 years in his previous life, and has been fighting for his career. He has no heart for love and marriage.

In the face of her husband who suddenly inherited from the original owner, Zhu Fuling couldn’t change the fact that she was a single young woman into a married woman, so she looked at him in a daze.

Four eyes are opposite.

The atmosphere was awkward.

Cheng Yue clenches his hands tightly into fists, and the blue veins on the back of his hands burst out. It seems that he is trying to suppress some kind of emotion that is about to break out.

Sharp eyes, I would like to cut Zhu Fuling into meat pieces.

Obviously, the husband has to settle the account for the mess left by the owner.


The untimely sound of Zhu Fuling’s stomach broke the silence in the air.

“I’ll cook some noodles first.” Zhu Fuling didn’t want to face the embarrassing scene and turned around and went into the kitchen.

Cheng more sharp line of sight with her shift, this just noticed that the room changed greatly.

The pig cage, which used to be dirty and stinky, is now clean and bright. Not only has the floor been wiped clean, the garbage has been swept away, and the things in the room have been rearranged and become neat. Even the smell that has been pervaded in the air can’t be heard. Only the faint smell of grass floating in from the open windows.

This woman is always lazy and sloppy. How could she suddenly clean up the house?

As expected, I have done something sorry for him, so I feel guilty?

Or is she planning to ask for money?

Thinking that she ignored his husband’s dignity, pestered section chief Chen, and ran to other people’s wedding to make a big fuss, his face was suddenly difficult to see the extreme.

No matter what kind of calculation she is making, he will never let her do it again!

Zhu Fuling didn’t know the storm in his mind. She was thinking about what to eat.

Just after cleaning up the kitchen, I found that there were a lot of seasonings for cooking, but almost no ingredients, only a bunch of dry noodles and a few tomatoes.

Let’s make spaghetti. It’s the simplest dish, and it’s her specialty.

Do what you say.

Zhu Fuling rolled up his sleeves and opened fire. First he boiled the water and cooked the dry noodles. Then he took out the water and drained the water. Then he put it on the table. At the same time, he washed the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces to make the most important sauce.

First put some olive oil, pour the diced tomato in and stir fry until the tomato is a little bit broken and fragrant. Then put salt, chicken essence, pepper and a little sugar in, and a delicious sauce will be fresh out of the oven.

Finally, put the noodles on a plate and pour the sauce on it. A simple but fragrant pasta will be ready.

Smelling the fragrance, Zhu Fuling’s stomach was more hungry, but his mouth was bitter.

She is to lose weight, such a large bowl to eat at most a few mouthfuls, the rest can only dry stare.

Because the rest is for the living room.

It’s not to please him, but she wants to know how to deal with his relationship. She wants to sit down with him and speak clearly.

Obviously, the other side has something to say to her.

Zhu Fuling came back to the living room with his face in his hand. The atmosphere was still solidified.

The man exudes a cold air all over his body, and his cold eagle eyes stare at her.

Zhu Fuling was a boss in his previous life. Facing his cold air, she sat down without changing her face. She took an enamel bowl and put it in front of him. Then she calmly said, “are you hungry, too? Eat something first. “

Cheng Yue not only has blue tendons on the back of his hands, but also his temples are jumping. He is shocked and angry at Zhu Fuling’s eyes.

How could she eat noodles with peace of mind after such a shameful thing?

“Zhu Fuling, don’t you have anything to say to me?” He almost gnashed his teeth.

Zhu Fuling also filled a small half bowl for herself, and was about to eat. When she saw him go straight in, she simply put down her chopsticks and did not beat around the bush.

Over the past few hours, she thought very clearly that although the original owner had done too much evil and killed herself, she was not the original owner, and she did not have much feelings about those things.

She is a rational person. She wants to look forward and live a good life in the future. She can turn over the things of the former owner.

As for Cheng Yue, the original owner asked him to marry her and had done so many things that he was sorry for him. It was time for him to be free. She was Zhu Fuling of the 21st century and had no feelings for him.

Anyway, Cheng Yue also hates her. Instead of torturing each other, it’s better to let go of each other.

At such a thought, Zhu Fuling’s thinking became clear. She looked at the gloomy man and said seriously, “Cheng Yue, I’ve thought about it. Our marriage is in name only. I know you don’t like me. In that case, I won’t drag you down.”

Cheng Yue’s face changed, his eyes were angry to some red, “what do you mean?”

Speaking of this, Zhu Fuling simply said, “let’s divorce.”

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Chapter 3 mess


Cheng Yue suddenly stands up, and the bowl of noodles in front of him is overturned on the ground, the enamel bowl is broken, and the noodles and sauce are spilled.

It’s a mess. It’s hard to see the eye.

Cheng Yue didn’t look at it. His chest heaved violently. The whole person looked terrible because of his anger. He was staring at Zhu Fuling, hoping to tear her up.

Zhu Fuling Leng for a moment, did not expect that he is this reaction.

About to say what, just listen to Cheng more somber ground drop a sentence, “Zhu Fuling, you actually humiliate me in this way!”

Then, with a suppressed anger, he left.

Zhu Fuling is stupid.

Didn’t he hate the owner? Originally, it was humiliating to him to wear a green hat, but she asked for a divorce to set him free. How could this reaction be?

On second thought, Zhu Fuling was so upset that he wanted to give himself a blow.

Cheng Yue hates the original owner, but the former owner chases and beats section chief Chen just got married. She also makes a fool of herself at the wedding ceremony, but section chief Chen doesn’t even look at her.

Now, section chief Chen has married his daughter-in-law. In other people’s eyes, she is completely useless.

And she put forward a divorce at this time, not equal to tell others, she can not get Chen section chief, heartbroken under the original husband to dump it?

Even if he wants to get a divorce, Cheng Yue, who is wearing a green hat, asks for a divorce.

But he was upright. Although he married her in order to repay her kindness, he had no choice but to keep silent and connive and never mentioned divorce.

In this case, isn’t it humiliating for her to ask for a divorce?

What do you think of him?

It’s over.

She seems to have said something wrong.

Even if you don’t have feelings with him, you should not divorce him at this point.

The situation was already bad enough, and there was no room for change.

Cheng Yue must hate her, right?

Zhu Fuling has headache and helps forehead.

This marriage exists in name only. It is not good for both parties to drag on. Sooner or later, we should leave. We’d better talk to him later.

Zhu Fuling sighed and ate his share of noodles in silence.

But this fat and strong body, half of the bowl of noodles, there is no sense at all.

Looking at the bowl of noodles overturned by Cheng Yue, Zhu Fuling secretly scolds him for wasting food. Finally, he quietly sweeps it up and puts it into a garbage bag, and then goes out to pour it out.

Walking down the stairs, you can see the old buildings of the 1980s.

The state-owned factory where Cheng Yue worked had good welfare, and built a tube house for the family members of the employees.

In the tube shaped building is a long, dimly lit corridor. On the outer wall, one balcony after another protrudes. It is wrapped by a regular but rusty anti-theft net, just like one “cage” after another.

The 1980s is known as the golden age of later generations. There are opportunities everywhere. However, those who go abroad may be broad-minded and may also go abroad.

Living here can at least provide food and clothing, so many people live in such “cages” for a lifetime.

In front of the tube shaped building is an avenue. Although there is no concrete floor, both sides of the road are covered with flowers and trees.

Walking in the period, the fresh air mixed with the faint fragrance of flowers fluttered on the face.

It’s a pity not to use such a good exercise place, and her body weight needs to be reduced, which is just convenient for running here.

Zhu Fuling takes a deep breath, and then starts to run.

In her previous life, her weight has been maintained at about 95 kg. In addition to controlling her diet, long-distance running is also her secret of weight control. After long-term exercise, she can jog for 10km in one breath.

But now, before she ran a hundred meters, she was out of breath and couldn’t move with her knee.

Next to a beautiful figure passing by, clearly so wide a road, Leng is hit on Zhu Fuling body.

Zhu Fuling suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground.

The visitor was very thin. Looking down on Zhu Fuling, he snorted from his nostrils, “who should I be? It turns out that it’s a pig who wants to arch my man!”

As soon as Zhu Fuling heard this, she immediately understood that she was Liu Mei who had just married Chen section chief.

The original owner pestered her husband and made a scene at her wedding. No wonder she was so hostile.

“What are you looking at?” Liu Mei held back her fire and held her attitude aloof.

Although her husband Chen Shaorong is only a section chief, she can’t compare with Zhu Fuling’s husband Cheng Yue, who is a director. But Chen Shaorong is elegant and gentle, more gentle and interesting than Cheng. Moreover, Chen Shaorong’s family is superior, and he is better than Cheng who was born in the countryside. I don’t know how many times.

After Liu Mei married Chen section chief, she became the envy of the whole family home.

But Zhu Fuling, the laughingstock of the family home, came to her wedding to make trouble, which made her wedding become the talk after dinner.

She would like to tear Zhu Fuling, three or two steps forward, heavily pushed Zhu Fuling, “let you entangle my man, do not want to face!”

Zhu Fuling knew that she was a teacher, but she did not expect that she would start directly. She was unable to prevent her body from falling to the ground.

Fortunately, there was a lot of flesh in the buttocks, but the right arm hit the side of the old flower bed and was cut by a crack in the flower bed, leaving a wound.

The wound was not deep, but it was very long. There was a long bloodstain, which was shocking.

Liu Mei didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong. Instead, she poured out a bad breath. She was condescending and coldly hummed, “you’re an eyesore pig. Get out of here. You’re not welcome in the family home!”

After that, he twisted his waist and walked away.


Zhu Fuling stood up trembling and wiped the blood on the wound. It was a little prickly, but more headache.

There are too many problems left by the original owner. She inherited this body. Sooner or later, she will solve these problems.

Zhu Fuling sighed.

Fortunately, her ambition is not to nest in the family home.

When the original owner left the mess, she left, away from the right and wrong here, to break out of their own day!

In this way, Zhu Fuling had a lot of energy. His legs were sour and his clothes were wet with sweat. He didn’t want to stop.

If someone hadn’t stopped her, she would have been able to hold on for at least a kilometer.

To stop her, is a thin middle-aged woman.

She took a look at Zhu Fuling’s body fat. It seemed that she smelled the sweat on Zhu Fuling’s body. She unconsciously stepped back two steps and said in disgust, “are you director Cheng’s daughter-in-law?”

From this we can see that the comers are not good.

Zhu Fuling to Cheng Yue daughter-in-law this identity still a little maladjustment, silent a few seconds, just nod, “I am, what matter?”

“I’m a clerk in the office of the women’s Federation in the family home. Some people report your bad style and pester their husbands. We want to find out what the situation is.”

As soon as I met Liu Hui, someone came to the office of the women’s Federation. I don’t need to know that Liu Hui complained.

Originally, it was just a grudge between the two families. Once it got to the women’s Federation office, the nature of the matter would be completely different. If it was not handled properly, she might be expelled from the family home.

She is now penniless and has no memory of the original owner. Once she leaves here, she can’t live at all.

Liu Mei’s move to kill people with a knife is to kill her to death.

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Chapter 4 get rid of her

Zhu Fuling is very clear about the current situation. She can’t leave here before she earns the first pot of gold and ensures that she can live outside, so she smiles politely, “OK, please lead the way.”

In the women’s Federation office, director Yan is already waiting.

Seeing Zhu Fuling sweating all over her body and smelling of sweat, she frowned, but didn’t say anything. She went straight to the subject, “Comrade Zhu Fuling, we received a report that you are a married woman, but you have been pestering section chief Chen. You still make a big scene at Chen’s wedding, which makes the scene very ugly. Is there such a thing?”

As she said, she directly opened up the information reported by others, and her expression became more and more serious. “The original intention of our family home was to solve the living problems of the workers in the state-owned factory, so that everyone in the family home can live peacefully together.”

“Now rumors are circulating, which has seriously affected the atmosphere of the family home. If it is true, then, in order to have a clean and healthy atmosphere in the family home, and to get along with everyone peacefully in the future, I hope you can leave the family home.”

She closed the information and looked at Zhu Fuling with a stern expression, “do you have anything to explain?”

The clerk next to her glared, “so many people are present, all of them have seen the obvious facts. What else can she argue about? Director Yan, don’t ask, just give her advice to leave the book, let her go quickly, return everyone a peace! “

“Don’t say a word.” Director Yan was reasonable. He didn’t kill Zhu Fuling. “Listen to director Cheng’s daughter-in-law, in case there is any misunderstanding…”

It is not to protect Zhu Fuling, because Zhu Fuling has already offended all the people in the family home. Who would want to speak for her?

Frankly speaking, this face is for Cheng Yue.

The younger Cheng is, the more promising he is. When others are at his age, he is only a section chief. He is not only the director, but also the director of the factory. If the daughter-in-law of the family is too good, which has tarnished his reputation, he would have been promoted faster.

Director Yan’s eyes are fierce. He knows that Cheng Yue’s future is limitless. Naturally, he doesn’t want to have a conflict with him. Along with his ugly daughter-in-law, he also gives two points.

Zhu Fuling dumb eat Coptis, there is a bitter can not say, she can’t tell them, the real error of the original owner has died?

It’s strange for director Yan to see that she hasn’t said a word for a long time, because the rumored daughter-in-law of the Cheng family is very capable of shouting. Is she pretending?

“Zhu Fuling, if you have nothing to say…”

Without saying that, Zhu Fuling suddenly raised his head, with a bitter expression on his face, “I am a married woman, how can I entangle other men? In fact, the more Qi Cheng ignores me, I want to use other ways to anger him… “

Zhu Fuling first hated the cold, secretly pinched the fat on his legs, then pressed down a goose bumps, and then forced his scalp to continue to talk nonsense.

Inadvertently, but also exposed the arm that was pushed down by Liu Mei injury.

“On the wedding day of chief Chen, the more I was upset with Cheng, I was just drunk a little bit, and then I made jokes… Cheng Yue was beautiful and young and promising. He was no worse than chief Chen. How could I leave him and run to pester others? I explained to the daughter-in-law of section chief Chen. She didn’t listen and was very excited… “

It is reasonable and convincing.

If you insist on refuting it, you should pick into the hole dug by Zhu Fuling, saying that director Cheng is not as good as section chief Chen, but also instigate the relationship between husband and wife.

How can the clerk have her eloquence, a face was blocked into pig liver color, half a day squeezed out a word to refute.

Director Yan didn’t expect that Zhu Fuling had a glib mouth. What she said was reasonable and reasonable. She choked.

Looking at the injury on Zhu Fuling’s arm, Chen Kechang’s daughter-in-law had found Zhu Fuling’s trouble before she complained to her. Suddenly, director Yan’s attitude towards Zhu Fuling was a little soft, “are your words true?”

“Of course Zhu Fuling raised a hand and made an oath. On his fleshy face, his expression was serious and sincere. “I can guarantee that I will live a peaceful life in the future and will not entangle any male comrades in the factory any more.”

Including Cheng Yue.

But this sentence, Zhu Fuling in the heart, did not say it, or with her in front of the speech on the wrong, not from the mouth?

Director Yan looked in his eyes and nodded in secret.

Zhu Fuling is fat and smelly of sweat. He has a good character. He is not so shrewd as rumored!

Besides, she is Cheng Yue’s daughter-in-law, and Cheng Yue doesn’t move her. If someone else moves her, won’t it be a crime for Cheng Yue?

Director Yan had a worry in mind, turned out a piece of paper, “since you know that you are wrong, then sign this guarantee, and do what you say.”

“Good.” Zhu Fuling’s mouth was full, and his signature was happy.

After signing, he got up and politely put the chair back to its original position. He walked out of the door with his fleshy body and his back was not haughty.

Clerk gnashing teeth, she was hoping that Zhu Fuling was expelled from the family home, did not expect Zhu Fuling to escape a robbery.

I didn’t let her go because of such a big wedding. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to drive her away.

“Director Yan, how can you let her go so easily? She’s staying here. How can we make a living

Director Yan’s eyelids are not as shallow as her. She slowly put away the letter of guarantee signed by Zhu Fuling, as if holding Zhu Fuling’s handle. “She signed the letter of guarantee, and if she entangles the male comrade again, I will send the letter of guarantee to director Cheng. It is written in black and white, and director Cheng wants to protect her. Moreover, I see that director Cheng does not like her much, and may not protect her.”

Director Yan was there, and the clerk suddenly realized.

Sure enough, ginger is still old and spicy. This paper is now a decree that Zhu Fuling can’t make any more mistakes. If he makes a mistake, he will be sent away!

Zhu Fuling really can’t stand.

It’s not because of the gossip and white eyes on the way back, but because I’m too hungry.

I had eaten only half a bowl of noodles before, and I didn’t have enough space between my teeth. After running for such a long time, I was sweating and dizzy with hunger.

There was nothing at home. There was a big bowl of noodles, which was overturned by Cheng Yue.

If you want to eat, you have to do it again.

It is said that people can choke when drinking water when they are unlucky. Zhu Fuling turns over the kitchen and suddenly finds that the kitchen is empty, no rice, no flour and no oil.

Miss her, designer Zhu Da, had never eaten any delicious food and wine in her previous life. Who would have thought that she would be so depressed that she could not even lift the pot?

There was no time for self pity. Zhu took a deep breath and went into the bathroom to take a bath. He washed off the sweat smell of his whole body and changed his clothes. Then he went to the next door and knocked on the door of the elder sister next door——

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Chapter 5 feeling at home for the first time

The neighbor’s hostess is Zhang Yanli. Her husband is a deputy section chief and a subordinate of Cheng Yue.

See is Zhu Fuling, Zhang Yanli’s face is black, “what’s the matter?”

Because ask for help, Zhu Fuling can only compensate smiling face, “Sister Zhang, can you lend me some noodles and oil? It’s just a loan. I’ll pay it back later. “

Zhang Yanli looks even worse.

Next door to Zhang Yanli’s house, someone opened a window and poked out her head. She said, “yo! Isn’t this director Cheng’s daughter-in-law? Usually very bold, who want to take things, the original also know to borrow ah? Have you returned everything you took from Sister Zhang before? “

No wonder Zhang Yanli’s face is so bad. Dare the original owner still take her things before?

What is the original owner!

“I don’t have food and oil in my house, so I can’t open the pot. If…” Zhu Fuling’s face was bashful and flustered, he couldn’t pull his face down. “Don’t forget it. I’ll think of another way.”

Zhang Yanli was stunned.

She found that today’s Poria cocos is very different.

It’s still a fat body. When you walk one step, you can shake your flesh three times. But you are kind-hearted and polite. You can’t hate it at all.

“You wait!” Zhang Yanli called Zhu Fuling, then rushed back to the room, took out two handfuls of noodles and a small half bottle of oil, “take it, remember.”

“Sister Zhang, you haven’t suffered enough?” Next to that person in the Yin Yang strange spirit, “she is Zhu Fuling, what things to her body is meat buns hit dogs, there is no return!”

Zhang Yanli is also very nervous.

She doesn’t believe in Zhu Fuling, but because Zhu Fuling is Cheng Yue’s daughter-in-law, and director Cheng is the immediate boss of his family, so she can’t offend him.

To put it bluntly, it is to give Cheng more face.

Zhu Fuling guessed the reason and didn’t say anything. He just said politely with a smile: “don’t worry. If you say it, you must return it. By the way, did Sister Zhang have dinner? I want to make spaghetti. Would you like to have it with me

Next to the person who did not have a good word, he sneered, “can she make something to eat? Don’t eat bad stomach, pay two bales of noodles is not enough, but also into the hospital to pay for medical expenses! What’s that saying? If you pay for your wife, you will lose your soldiers

Zhu Fuling heart way, seeing is believing, and when she did it, Sister Zhang knew she didn’t say big words, “Sister Zhang, I’ll do it first. After that, you can taste it. If it doesn’t suit your appetite, I won’t force it.”

Her face was smiling and polite, which was totally different from the usual ferocious look with her whole face wrinkled into a ball. Zhang Yanli nodded stupidly and only when she returned to her room did she react.

Strange, she clearly dislikes Zhu Fuling, why do ghosts and spirits nod?

In her memory, Zhu Fuling could not cook at all.

Can she really eat what she makes?

Zhang Yanli is hesitating whether to cook by herself. After thinking about it, time has passed. Then, lengbuding can smell a strong fragrance.

My God?

How delicious!

So fragrant that she almost drools!

The old-fashioned tube shaped building was not well ventilated. Two families nearby also smelled the fragrance, and the sound of shock was clear.

“Who’s cooking? Is it too fragrant? “

“Is it Sister Zhang? I remember that she was very good at cooking. “

“It’s not me. I haven’t done it yet.” Zhang Yanli replied in a puzzled way. She suddenly remembered something. She rushed out in shock.

At the same time, Zhu Fuling pushed the door out to ask her to eat, “Sister Zhang, are you hungry? I just finished the noodles. “

When Zhang Yanli saw the spaghetti with perfect color and flavor, she smelled the fragrant smell, and her chin fell directly on the ground, “this, this, this… What kind of noodles are you really making?”

“Spaghetti.” Zhu Fuling added with a smile, then took a very large enamel bowl, filled a bowl and handed it over, “do you want to taste it?”

Zhang Yan Li couldn’t wait for a second. She immediately picked up her chopsticks and began to eat.

The noodles are strong. The sweet and sour tomato sauce tastes delicious and silky. It is wrapped on the noodles. If you bite it, the flavor of noodles and the flavor of tomato sauce blend perfectly. It’s delicious.

“Too sweet! It’s delicious Zhang Yanli almost wolfed down, almost eating her tongue. “Everyone said I could cook, but I never knew that noodles could still be made like this. How did you think? How talented

“Just… Do it in a random way.” Zhu Fuling vague way.

Of course, she can’t say that spaghetti is the basic dish of later Western restaurants. In the 1980s, Western food was a rarity, and almost no one had heard of it.

Zhang Yanli ate so much that she could hardly move on her chair, but she was satisfied.

I haven’t forgotten to ask Zhu Fuling about spaghetti before leaving.

At this time, she noticed that the room in front of her was no longer the stinky pig cage before, and it became clean and tidy.

Director Chen is very busy and has no time to clean the house. He must not have done it. Is that Zhu Fuling?

Is Zhu Fuling in Chen section chief’s wedding fell the brain, suddenly on the correction?

Zhang Yanli looked more friendly at Zhu Fuling. “When can you still have oil and noodles? Don’t worry! But you’re really good at your craft. It’s better than the expensive restaurants out there! “

Zhu Fuling is a flash of light.

In the 1980s, it was impossible to do fashion design brands in small counties. Without enough capital, we couldn’t go to big cities to do this.

Therefore, money can make the devil move the mill, first to earn enough money is the hard truth.

It’s a good idea to open a restaurant to earn money, but it also needs money.

Zhu Fuling touched his empty pocket, and his smile just broke down.

How about a secure job and start-up fund?

Zhang Yanli didn’t know what she was thinking. She was soft lipped. When she went out to see Cheng Yue, who had just returned, she wanted to say a good word for Zhu Fuling. “Director Cheng, I look at your daughter-in-law. She seems to know that she is wrong. Now people are very good. She can make spaghetti. It’s delicious!”

The more Cheng thinks he has heard something wrong.

The unruly daughter-in-law of the family bullied Zhang Yanli. Zhang Yanli, like a snake and scorpion, never came to visit his house. Today, she even came to visit his house and said good things about Zhu Fuling?

For the first time!

What did Zhu Fuling do?

Cheng Yue is baffled. He opens the door and sees Zhu Fuling putting noodles in his bowl.

Zhu Fuling was so hungry that he felt dizzy, but he still bit his teeth and didn’t dare to put more chopsticks into the bowl.

Lift an eye to see Cheng Yue, smile slightly, “did you eat?”? I’ve just made noodles. Do you want to eat them together

It’s not that she’s courteous, it’s that she’s asking for something to say to him.

The more uncomfortable Cheng is.

In the past, every time I went home, I opened the door and saw a dirty and smelly pig’s cage, while Zhu Fuling was lying in a pile of garbage and would only order him to cook.

Now, not only is the room clean, but also the delicious smell of rice, and his nominal wife is sitting there, smiling at him.

Cheng Yue felt at home for the first time.

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