The future of bitcoin, even if it can survive, will return to reason.

The future of bitcoin, even to survive, it will also return to reason

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Since the block chain technology is the mysterious people Nakamoto bitcoin was put forward, let us see what is called crazy, not crazy, but crazy, bitcoin prices rose from not worth a hair to the highest price of $20 thousand, even if the bitcoin slump, also can be said to be astronomical.

However, after the birth of bitcoin digital currency very much, and other digital currency and the price of bitcoin compared to it, can be said to be very far, so why the same technology to produce the so-called digital currency price is so far? This may be true to those exposed to digital currency experts, to really assess! Even if they do not know why, if you really want to find the reason, it is very simple, because the single time bitcoin is relatively long, but the audience is wide, and the bitcoin price myth is put in there, so that more people believe that bitcoin is the future, so the people involved more and more, but the price of bitcoin is the way these people touted, and then use their own money to keep the price to pile up.

Then bitcoin whether there is a real future? We are from the recent bitcoin performance point of view, bitcoin price myth can not continue, we change a point of view, a bitcoin is not worth a hair rising from price, although now is still a high price, but we can see that there are a lot of people bitcoin have lost confidence for this story can create astronomical myth in the future, no longer believe, because bitcoin technology is the blockchain technology, now is not so hot, the so-called bitcoin can replace the money that was just a fond dream, or a hypothetical, because the real the money belongs to the financial system, we can imagine the financial system to change, that is to be very long time, can really do.

But now the so-called bitcoin mining, we can see from the bitcoin prices continued to decline, many mining companies have already begun to die, then the future of bitcoin will have a future? In fact, bitcoin really is the biggest use can let people now think he profitable to fry its price, want to profit from it, if more and more people think that money to stir bitcoin it is impossible if the future bitcoin will fall into a cold period, people contrast bitcoin frenzy will return to reason!

For bitcoin you hold what kind of view? Below the comments section of your opinion! Make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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