The future of bitcoin, in the recent performance, will anyone continue to look at it?

Bitcoin’s future prospects in the recent performance, some people will continue to be optimistic?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Bitcoin as a currency king, is now a digital currency is of great concern to everyone, but recently the state has plunged in this trend following a lot of people in the future of bitcoin said worrying, so bitcoin whether there is a future?

In fact, now on the market a lot of digital currency, but the price they dare to bitcoin, or far, even if bitcoin now fall, but for other digital currency bitcoin prices, only a fraction of it.

Do not know if you have not thought about bitcoin is the blockchain technology to do it, but a lot of other digital currencies are all done with block chain technology, why bitcoin prices are so expensive? The reason is very simple, as evidenced by the bitcoin believers is very much, much more than the other digital currencies, so its price will be so expensive, in fact is a derivative of the Internet only, as to why can value so much money have to be considered.

In fact, for the digital currency, as a common people I do not believe, because he has no physical support, unlike stocks like that, because of the enterprise support, is also recognized by the law, but now the concept of digital currency can be said to be playing is broken, we can see a bit money can in a short time is greatly change, which proved that it is not controllable, come from the hedge?

In fact, now the social development gradually, many people have begun to the future of bitcoin began to have suspicions, after all, there are a lot of people are high into the bitcoin, but bitcoin now plummeted, and many people can say is the currency circle are complain incessantly, Starving people fill the land! There are a lot of people have started in the future of bitcoin began to doubt, after all this fall, can be said to be the very abnormal condition.

Remember someone once said that the future of bitcoin, we can replace the reality of gold? First of all we don’t compare it to the price, we compared its practicability, gold is not only used as jewelry supplies, in fact, for many of the technology project, or some electronic components, gold is useful in the inside, however, bitcoin is just a string of code only, where it came from value?

For bitcoin, what are your views? Below the comments section of your opinions, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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