The future of bitcoin mining, most of the use of renewable energy

In recent weeks, with bitcoin prices fell to lows of $3500, the mining industry has attracted more and more attention.

Most of the miners operating losses and can not recover the capital expenditure, the rising cost of electricity, mining equipment depreciation, the price fell to dig coins.

Allegedly, the dry season pushed up the cost of water, increase the miner’s headache, allegedly scene display unit dumping China miners unprofitable.

Since December 2, 2011, bitcoin mining difficulty will decrease rather than increase for the first time.

In the future, mining may focus on the cheapest renewable energy sources.

For example, the use of solar energy, hydropower, wind power generation to reduce the cost of mining shop, cheap renewable energy and sustainable.

The results of the application will bring about digital currency mining industry innovation.

The historical data of energy structure encryption currency operation location based on the vast majority of global bitcoin mining capacity (minimum 77.6%) are dependent on renewable energy.

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