The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is planning a chain-based trading system

nnnPost Comment: The Gibraltar Stock Exchange announced plans to “fully integrate” the block chain into the transaction and settlement system, and had a strategic partnership. Successful implementation will become the world’s first fully deployed block chain technology by the regulated exchange. And that the Government of Gibraltar has implemented guidance on the use of block chains and has prepared drafts of the block chain legislation. Indicating that the government attaches great importance to the block chain technology.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe major stock exchanges in Gibraltar have announced plans to “fully integrate” the block chain into the transaction and settlement system.n
nIn order to make this integration, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSE, Gibraltar Stock Exchange) also announced a strategic partnership with Cyberhub Fintech and, as a result, the shareholders of the Exchange.n
nn”This investment demonstrates GSE’s long-term commitment to expanding its capital markets network, its impact in Asia, and the ambition of the world’s first regulated exchange that integrates block-chain technology into ICO’s complete operations into the IPO.”n
nnBut the specific details have not been announced, GSE representatives did not respond to this statement to ask questions.n
nPast reports show the historical experience of GSE in the block chain technology. A few days ago the exchange had announced the launch of the associated exchange transactions (ETI, exchange-traded instrument).n
nThe Gibraltar Government (British Overseas Territories) has also implemented the use of block chain guidance. In May, the Ministry of Commerce issued a draft proposal with block-chain regulations as a core to collect public input.n

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