The God of prophecy abroad BTC, “now is the only chance to enter the bitcoin market in your life”

The God of prophecy abroad BTC, “now is the only chance to enter the bitcoin market in your life”

Recently, the famous American financial market investment group financial information company Jones’s professional media MarketWatch, found in Chile a bitcoin great God, the great God is a program ape, named Vinci Jeremy Davinci Jeremie, I took you to see the foreign magical prophecy god.

Vinci Jeremy Davinci Jeremie

The great bull market last year, in 2017 December, 13 days before the record in bitcoin, through a YouTube video said: Please, please take some discount chips from the table, or you are a fool!

After this 2018 years, bitcoin entrenched a year bear.

And back in 2013, His magic forecast and asking everyone to stay away from Japan’s Mt. Gox exchange. He asked “on the YouTube video website in my opinion, you should abandon the Mt. Gox exchange…… I suggest you leave Mt. Gox exchange! Trading today, then withdraw. Don’t leave money on Mt. Gox exchange!” But 6 months after the exchange has been compromised by hackers, 850 thousand bitcoins stolen, was $450 million.

Japan video exchange forecast

Earlier his magical prediction is in 2011 years, we recommend investing in bitcoins, but also in the video release, he said” Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, I want to introduce you to bitcoin magic here, I know you may be in a silver investment channel does not want to hear this, but I have to tell you about this amazing thing.

The river becomes warm in spring ducks, home also has a God the God of prophecy. The story follows:

Know almost.

2011 years, there is a Junior in the know to ask: have 6000 yuan, what a good financial investment advice?

Someone replied: buy bitcoin, save the file and forget your wallet, there have been 6000 yuan this thing, after 5 years to see.

At that time, bitcoin price is $3. But only five years later, bitcoin topped $20000 (end of 2017), seckill all the world’s investment targets.

This is a mysterious master sword (Liu Zhipeng), Babbitt, than the original chain founder, science fiction writer, study block chain theory, block chain “Impossible Triangle” concept, has published the first monograph “bitcoin bitcoin: a real and unreal world” (Financial CITIC Publishing House), “block chain: from digital currency to credit society” (CITIC Publishing House) and science fiction novels set “Star” predators (Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House), won the 2006, 2007, 2008 Chinese Science Fiction Award “the Milky Way award”. This forecast also let this let him become the domestic bitcoin “god”.

Long Swords

Write this article, as I lay people, at that time in 2011, I also thought to buy, but could not find the channels to buy, just give up. Later, Babbitt and other groups also follow up, see the coin ring. Just then touched a few cow.

As one of the earliest China contact bitcoin, long sword also witnessed the whole process of the development of bitcoin in China. His prediction is “Bitcoin first in the digital world to achieve the transfer of competition, a coin to you, I will definitely be a little money, there is no such as Alipay centralized mechanism can be confiscated or declared to rail, therefore, a lot of things can be done through the chain block.”

The God of Vinci Jeremy in November 30th this year he Chile video latest forecast “Now is the only chance to enter the bitcoin market in your life!”

I’m not bearish nor to see, I just block chain propagator!

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