The good news is, the shadow of war after a strong rebound in the bull market or open bitcoin

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The recent collapse of bitcoin, 28 August 11 finally launched the Jedi, 24 hours or up to 15%, rebounded to above $4300, but this year, bitcoin still fell more than 68%, the distance at the end of last year a record decline reached 77%.

Crypto currency platform CoinList co-founder and CEO Andy Bromberg said the bitcoin week rebound, investors may overreact tumbled last week, in the customer service began to play crazy throwing.

11 late last month, bitcoin launched a steep decline in the trend, 7 days 35% fell below $3500. , and hit a 14 month low, from the record highs or even reached 80%, in the history of the worst bear market, after the Thanksgiving weekend, bitcoin began to rebound.

CoinMarketCap website quote shows, other major currencies Thursday encryption have seen double-digit, the market value of encryption currency within a day more than 200 billion dollars. Digital currency investment company BKCM CEO Brian Kelly said, 11 month bitcoin cash triggered “war” bifurcation hash (hash war), “ABC” and “bitcoin bitcoin SV” was a winner, bitcoin may therefore be boosted and rebound.

Kelly said bitcoin cash legend staged, investors to raise a lot of money through the sale of bitcoin, so some sellers have left the market.

Kelly also said that although the good news this week does not necessarily lead to encryption currency soared to two digits, but the overall mood of the encryption of money market is favorable, investors began to understand that this is a legitimate asset category.

In addition, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said on Tuesday that some problems of encryption currency market remains to be solved, to safely release encryption currency ETF listed, did not rule out once the problem is resolved, the possibility of approval.

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