The government stepped up mining efforts and Venezuelans turned to bitcoin

nRunaway commentary: Encrypted currency market soars, investment boom around the world, Venezuela but because of hyperinflation had to use bitcoin. However, the government banned mining activities, so people had to take risks. Because even the necessities of life have to buy with bitcoin.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Contrary to the global quick profit making use of bitcoin, Venezuelan citizens use bitcoin just to survive. Venezuela uses cryptocurrencies to resist the exacerbation of hyperinflation and seek vitality. Even though the government keeps cracking down on the crackdown, the people continue to rely on bitcoin.n
Bitcoin miners must sign upn
We have reported that the Venezuelan government cracked down on Bitcoin mining, but people are still at risk of extortion and arrest by police. However, the government did not show any mercy and even stepped up its efforts.n

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