The greatness of bitcoin

The greatness of bitcoin

A resolution of mathematical problems a reasonable contribution of each individual can, to all human beings can contribute to problems, the contribution to wealth feedback to everyone, this is a value of the people thought mode, is also an exciting mode. Although it is like all the chips, but the ratio of the congregation raised more specific, more practical.

If blue per second can be calculated in 200 million steps, assuming China there are 100 million people involved, if personal computer calculations per second 4G times, we created a number of blue to help solve the basic math problem? (regardless of the cooperation among nodes, including time delay, coordination algorithm, a large number of cases, we can also create a dark blue. The majority of similar performance) Of course, the problem can be extended to all the problems facing mankind, not limited to mathematics, can be physical, is artificial intelligence.

Like, the collective wisdom of the ant, applied to a reasonable place, you can create the miracle of mankind. I seem to see the process, with its own three optical reflection to create a super computer, also saw the exciting application of this technique three people to continue moving forward.

We see bitcoin business models and can get benefit, should also see the pattern for human beings, or for a group of significance.

However, the ant colony, only one queen, will ultimately benefit the collective thinking, which ultimately benefit these mathematical solutions, the final is the founder of bitcoin platform.

I think, bitcoin is not prohibited, in Chinese, to a certain extent related to the two “Queen” competition?

My bitcoin is not very understanding, from Wikipedia and other relevant information on the understanding, suddenly thought of a little bit of greatness.

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