The hacker “killed” the Internet of things? Block chain is becoming the Savior

Editor’s note: This article from the value chain (ID:cc-value), the translator Wang Zelong, from the original 14 carbon; breakermag, author Benjamin Powers; authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

Last month, according to the “Chicago Tribune” (Chicago Tribune), Illinois (Lake Barrington) at Bahrain lake a couple found someone is through the baby monitor to a seven month old baby.

“I immediately rushed into the room, because I was like, ‘Oh God, maybe someone in’,” the 29 year old Arjun Sud told “Tribune”. “But I’m in the moment, it’s very quiet.”

He also noticed that their Nest thermostat was transferred to 90 degrees, when he left the room with a child, the voice is also followed up, and the Nest security camera in the downstairs with vulgar language for them to raise a hue and cry.

Sud staring at the camera, the voice asked: “Why are you looking at me? I saw you looking at me.”

Their equipment was hacked, so that hackers can do almost anything on the latter. He can use the devices on the network to watch and listen to, speak and change the temperature. Nest belong to Google, then Google on the user’s response is Nest itself has not been destroyed. However, the company encourages users to choose stronger password.

For example, your Nest password is set to the shopping website account, the website information and suffered a leak, then your login information could fall into the wrong hands.” According to various reports, Google in reply to Nest security monitor owner said in the mail. “So you have access to relevant information may cause similar problems we saw recently.”

It is only with the networking expansion and security risks doubled and the risk of a case. You may have heard of things most of the equipment. If there is a Amazon or Echo smart refrigerator in your house, you will have access to the Internet of things.

In addition, there is Nest, it provides a smart thermostat function, and indoor and outdoor safety monitoring function, and many other networking products. Of course, although the user error or safety problems can be avoided, but the basic structure of networking makes it appear vulnerable to malicious attacks; now the equipment even in the same room, or a few feet away, still is interacting with the cloud server.

Networking equipment includes sensors, processors and other devices allow interaction on the same network technology. If you want your computer connected to a wireless printer, this may not be surprising. But if you want to control your thermostat by car, let your refrigerator temperature tell you, let your Echo to towel orders — all of this in a minute, you will start to see the information sharing on the network layer by layer. The connection layer and connected to the Internet a lot of equipment will produce numerous loopholes.

Block chain may help to solve the security problem of Internet of things and explore new business models, such as dynamic product leasing (dynamic poduct leasing) and (self-sovereign identity) – Sovereign identity service).

Block chain technology is the open Internet with its lack of scalability, privacy and reliability of the bridge, “Ahmed Banafa wrote in an e-mail, he is a professor of engineering at San Jose State university. Block chain technology could be used to track the billions of connected devices, support and coordination between the transaction processing equipment, and networking industry manufacturers save a lot of money. This way to the center of the removal of a single point of failure, to create a more flexible ecological system for equipment operation, and the encryption algorithm using the block chain will enable consumers to more private data.”

Commercial use

The networking industry rapid growth. According to the consumer and market data provider Statista, the number of the world’s networking equipment is expected to reach 31 billion in 2020 or so, the next few years, this kind of equipment market is expected to exceed $1 billion per year.

Companies, especially business focused company, has bought things block chain, and forward supply chain tracking and transparent investment. For these companies, which relates to the security of data and products and services are correct, efficient, can be calculated.

If the company’s supply chain failure, terminal products or defective, it will cause the financial impact on the company. But if your Amazon Echo will you call records with someone to send you any contact in one, it will not have the same direct property losses. However, this does not mean that it is not so important. In fact, it may be more important. Companies already use block chain solutions we see in the consumer networking on vulnerability. The possibility of their practice can let us understand consumer technology, and has been used in the real world content.

Filament is a company located in Nevada, focused solutions company to provide enterprise chain blocks for the company, which makes the transmission between machines and distributed books data remain unchanged. CEO Allison Clift -Jennings the company using block chain to complete things, people early on the Internet to do comparison. Although the Internet can only be used for early mutual exchanges between researchers, but eventually it becomes contains everything from banking to e-commerce and social media, these have not been foreseen in the early.

Clift -Jennings said:

This is called the Internet, look dull, obviously a global network, is absolutely revolutionary and not for a long time. Radio data transmission in the air seemed revolutionary, but we usually think it is behoove. But when you think about it, will still feel this idea is crazy, like black magic.

For products like the Blocklet, it is used to provide the security contract system and block chain hardware wallet through the machine sensor management ledger encryption machine, the company can build a product or service in the system.

Usually, trying to track their operations involving multiple suppliers or department data of the company, all in an effort to ensure the accuracy, reliability and safety of data. Ensure that usually take different forms and does not match the data can meet the relevant requirements, is a very high requirement for any company when done manually when it is so. The security contract block on the chain to make this process easier, and automation. In essence, Blocklet compared to other companies to provide more possibilities for the products.

Clift -Jennings is interested in the concept of dynamic leasing caused by chain block. The concept of dynamic lease is only paid you the actual use of the car or truck costs, and the cost of wear caused by you, not whether you use the car number, are usually charge a fixed fee, now only used to measure the car rental contract pricing is your mileage number.

Another example is WAL-MART, the latter using block chain technology to track a bag to return the farm production of mango. The block chain and networking system, this process takes 2.2 seconds. The traditional method of manual tracking spend almost 7 days.

Although the Filament focuses on enterprise blockchain application, but the CEO said the blockchain market consumer level may ultimately is the most important. Consumers to promote its large-scale use, and are the most affected person. Even if things have more data, and therefore more likely on the theory of data leakage occurred, block chain will store data in a secure, decentralized way, greatly reducing them because of things being hacked or extended the possibility of leakage.

Clift -Jennings said: “I expect that in the future may be, we will have a strong resistance to data leakage, it collects personal data and used for profit.” She reflects on why the blockchain is a useful tool for networking, data leakage will become like pollution and other irresponsible global social behavior is not acceptable.”

Self sovereignty identity

The block chain is integrated into consumer electronics products in the Internet of things, can help protect your data, for example, if you need third party data, you can use the blockchain system settings, so you can choose wisely to share what. Not only that, block chain integration further can also provide alternative income for the enterprise (e.g., dynamic lease) which may lead them to no longer rely on money to promote sales of personal data.

Adam Gunther is engaged in the technical aspects of the chain block in the IBM block, believe that the chain will be proof of identity, how to limit information diffusion and key networking security. “The current technology, there are always some source of trust or authority of the center center point, may be compromised, the system is not safe,” said Adam Gunther. “This is where the solution to the problem of block chain.”

He spoke in IBM focusing on identity verification work, Adam Gunther proposed a public key and private key encryption combined with prospects, including biometrics potential (depending on the use case), the end result is obtained than we currently have more security index level.

He will be further integrated into the blockchain consumer IOT, people go to the store to buy a new mobile phone to mobile phone or plan. The store may want to do a credit check, or get information from your bank, but they are not without your knowledge to do so. Your bank will come to you, allows you to share some information with the request of the telecom service providers, is designed to give you a new mobile phone, then you must give permission.

Block chain technology makes us more control of information shared by the. “For example, I do not have to share my exact amount of wages,” Adam Gunther said, “I just need to prove my annual income of more than a certain amount (such as $25000) to obtain a service. Another classic example is that I can prove my age without exposing my birthday.”

The final result is that your information is less exposed to the migration to the networking company, and the company is less affected by those attacks, the latter is the data storage center. Remember Goolge and Nest users said? They remind people that “if you put your Nest password for the shopping website account, the website information and suffered a leak, then your login information could fall into the wrong hands”.

Thus, you have access to relevant information may cause similar problems we saw recently. But the basic problem is that your information and hundreds of others are controlled by a single information, shopping sites such as Amazon.

Since both of these areas are in rapid development, but only in specific populations within the circle, using block chain network in consumers in some slow progress. Volareo claimed is a privacy oriented, distributed intelligent speaker company. The company plans to use the block chain and ERC -20 smart contract technology based on the combination of Wifi and Bluetooth and other traditional technology, a more transparent and secure smart speaker model development. Snips is a manufacturer of voice assistant technology, this technology is private, decentralized. The company also launched a DIY intelligent speaker, using the block chain to emphasize security and privacy.

Adam Gunther said, the enterprise in terms of things should also see creating a more decentralized network benefits. The enterprise does not actually need a lot of information provided by us. For example, they may need or want your age, but may not need your birthday, if it is stolen, can be used for fraud. If all of these data the company was hacked or stolen data, then the public will of their opposition to bring a lot of challenges.

A good example of this is Facebook against the consequences. According to market research firm Honest Data 32% said, Americans think Facebook have negative effects on society, which is the highest proportion of all technology companies.

Banafa said the blockchain completely into the rapid growth of Internet of things is certainly not without challenges, such as scalability, processing, and storage time. Involved in networking, data security and block chain is difficult to conceptualize. But imagine all your data is like a puzzle, put them together, showing you. Each piece of the puzzle is composed by giving up you imperceptibly data, these data are stored in a bank vault.

Of course, it is safe enough, such insurance can make you feel at ease. But the fact is, if someone broke in, they will get everything. The block chain integration to the consumer in the Internet of things, like the puzzle is split into tens of thousands of blocks, then each block is locked in a separate vault. To construct a complete data is not impossible, but great challenges.

These tools are designed to create a more oriented privacy, more safety and the purpose of the network, to provide support in the process of the development of the Internet of things, this is just a different from today’s value to the future problems.

“In the network, the blockchain can maintain the intelligent equipment history can not be tampered with. The autonomous operation can realize the function of intelligent devices, without centralized authorization.” Banafa said. “Therefore, the block chain is a series of networking scene opens the door, without it, the scene is very difficult, or even impossible to achieve.”

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