The hard branch activation point of Constantinople is determined by the Tai Fang developer meeting to carry out major reforms

 Hard bifurcation point to determine the activation of Constantinople, the implementation of major reforms in the etheric square Developers Conference

According to the daily planet (WeChat: o-daily) learned that the etheric Fang open source development team has been on Constantinople (Constantinople) activation time to reach an agreement, to provide more new blockchain function for community users.

On Friday (December 7th) at the core of the etheric Fang Developers Conference, developers will ultimately determine the 7080000 square block on the chain block Ethernet as a hard bifurcation activation point from which the user can choose to upgrade to the new code block. If it is somewhat difficult to understand, is so simple: if users choose to upgrade the software workshop Ethernet to implement all the hard branch of Constantinople, updates will be in the 7080000 block is only effective after mining.

Avery Chaudun (Afri Schoedon) is an etheric Fang Development Company Parity Ethereum wallet customer product release manager, said he identified 7080000 block as Constantinople hard bifurcation activation point means hard bifurcation will be on the line in Constantinople may will on 14-18 January 2019, because this new block number only in the next batch of software upgrade will be introduced into the etheric Fang platform.

In addition, the etheric Fang foundation and “go-ethereum” safety head Martin Horst Stevend (Martin Holst Swende) said, in order to ensure that any unexpected problems in Constantinople hard bifurcation upgrade, they have released an upgraded version of “go-ethereum” software, which contains a “emergency switch” function, allowing users to upgrade in delay abnormal.

Ethernet is hard square of Constantinople bifurcation striking one snag after another

The first hard bifurcation time scheduled for November this year, developers hope that through Ethernet square simplified platform code designed to enhance the efficiency of the chain block. In addition, the etheric Fang also tried to so-called “difficult bomb” implementation of the time delay of 18 months — in fact, have difficulty in the etheric bomb Fang (Difficulty Bomb) was born shortly after the agreement, the difficulty with time increasing. In the “Constantinople” version, the Ethernet square consensus algorithm will be from the workload (PoW) into the workload of authentication and rights authentication (PoS) hybrid consensus algorithm, to improve the entire etheric Fang block chain efficiency and reduce costs, and ultimately the transition to the fourth stage of the consensus of pure equity authentication algorithm. Not only that, Constantinople also plans to upgrade the bifurcation hard Ethernet mining is reduced from 3 ETH reward for each block to 2 ETH.

In the etheric Fang Development Conference, developers are also discussed based on Ethernet to ProgPoW, workload Fang improved algorithm is proved, the algorithm will stop the ASIC special hardware equipment from the network. Although the progress of ProgPoW implementation, but the developer has not yet on whether should the software upgrade at any proposal included in this algorithm to make a decision. Martin Horst Stevend said:

“We should have the right to choose, and then make a decision.”

The implementation of major reforms in the etheric square Developers Conference

It is worth mentioning that, at this meeting, the developers also discussed another upgrade Ethereum 1x — which is proposed in 2019, there have been several Ethernet Fang Development Working Group on the description of the progress of the project, but stressed that the project is in the early stage.

Ethernet square foundation chief communications officer Hudson Jameson (Hudson Jameson) said:

“As we are currently discussing other etheric workshop work group, the etheric Fang has yet to confirm whether to implement a boycott of ProgPoW consensus algorithm ASIC machine, it would not confirm the investment in this matter.”

Hudson Jameson also said that after the discussion on social media, after the Ethereum 1x upgrade route meeting will be open — Taking workshop “and before the closed door meeting before the meeting is different from that of the etheric Fang never recorded, but according to” check Chatham House Rules (Chatham House Rules) released at the meeting after the completion of the record of the meeting. Hudson Jameson said at last:

“From now on, we will hold a public meeting.”

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