The high price of Bitcoin has reversed the stubborn questioner

nnnRush when comment: from the beginning, bitcoar prices rose amazing, still occupy the high point of encrypted money. Some stubborn suspects of this investment products are tempted to start buying the encrypted currency. Even in the operation of some unfamiliar, inevitably whispered two, or deep regret no early investment. This change in investment attitude is very obvious.n
nnTranslation: Annien
nNot long ago, I wrote an article that lists the main reasons why some traditional financial practitioners and investors are hesitant about the chain and Bitcoin. Although these people admit that the block chain itself and Bitcoar bottom technology is very attractive, great change, it seems that the token is not moving. I mentioned in a person happens to be my close friend, and ultimately for their own to buy some bit currency. He, like other new entrants, was interested in the recent appreciation of Bitcoin.n
nThe recent bull of the bitcover charm can not stopn
nMy investor friend and I drink that day, asked me the recent bit market performance. Normally he always received my text message, but only recently suffering from the project busy, can not always update. Drink that day bit currency trading price of about 3800 US dollars. My friend heard me say, shocked on the spot. The last time I sent a message to him, the bit currency is about $ 2,700. He immediately quiet, and then began to frantically hit the phone.n
nnHe was asked me, “this year so good performance?”, Completely unable to believe that they see. “Well, I finally decided to buy some of myself.”n
nnAt that time my friend immediately created a Coinbase account, on the spot to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoun is amazing, persuading people who seem to have never thought of holding an encrypted currency, he is just one of the newly added investors.n
nBitcoin is entering the mainstream investment and payment areas at a higher rate than I expected, and we believe it is because of the current price. But even if new investors like my friends are excited, the novice is still experiencing some frustrating threshold.n
nThe threshold of disappointmentn
nWhen buying Bitcoin, friends complain about Coinbase fees, speed and account verification restrictions. These questions are not unique to Coinbase. He said,n
nn”I only need to pay a fixed rate for traditional deals, but the rate here is very fast, and what is the current maximum of $ 2,500? What if I want to buy more?”n
nnBut despite his frustration, he admitted that creating a brokerage account was also troublesome.n
nDespite the threshold of new traders involved, holders and investors frustrated, my friend also said that the encrypted currency may be the way to hedge the traditional market positions, especially in the economic bubble situation. In fact, investors often look for alternative investments when the market fluctuates. He said that with all investors, will be further in-depth study before. That night, he finally thought that, despite wanting more, but did not invest in the cheap time to make him sad. I told him the story of the pound pizza day, and the price of the bitcoin. We all sigh, decided to use the currency to order a pizza, rather than his new bit of currency.n

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