The highest point of the bitcoin fell 1st anniversary: the market capitalization fell down to less than ninety percent off of the 82.7% – bit continental miners

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Since the beginning of winter, the encryption and the digital currency industry low temperature exceptionally cold.

Non small market data show that in December 16, 2017, the overall market value of bitcoin hit a record of $326 billion 500 million; December 15, 2018 is just 1st anniversary, but a year ago, bitcoin market stumble endlessly, never again returned to this point.

With the encrypted digital currency closely linked to the ecological mills, also from the “xiangbobo” into “shanyaodan”.

Recently, the “daily economic news” reporter login the first machine manufacturers – bit, found the official website, once caused tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands of stir, a hard to find, and even help the smuggling machine, have slashed prices. Compared with the original price at the beginning of the year, a variety of models has been reduced to less than ninety percent off, the minimum is only 300 yuan.

The futures price, both hit a record 1 year low

In December 15th, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) bitcoin BTC futures January contract fell $70, or about 2.18%, at $3145, the two consecutive trading day month contract closed at record lows this week, tired and fell to about 4.70%.

CBOE (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) bitcoin XBT futures January contract fell $95, down about 2.93%, to $3150, or two consecutive days a month contract closed at record lows this week, tired and fell to about 4.04%.

Non small market, 18:15 on December 15, 2018, bitcoin price of $3194, the lowest in a year. The overall market capitalization of $56 billion 600 million, and the highest point in December 16th than last year, fell 82.7%, or $269 billion 900 million.

From the bitcoin market value of the highest point of 1st anniversary, the lowest market record multiple, and records may be refreshed at any time, so the scene is a little sad.

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With the beginning of the year, a variety of models under a special Bibi fold

Recently, the “daily economic news” reporter found the official website, the ant bit log mining, once at the beginning of the tens of thousands to tens of thousands, and even stir mill, have slashed prices. Compared with the beginning of the current pricing, a variety of models has been reduced to less than one.

The bitcoin mining machine, T9+ was the most obvious

Official website shows, T9+ (including APW7 10.5T ant mills power), price 1800 yuan. At the same time display, APW7 power unit price 650 yuan, also is the ant mining machine T9+ 10.5T actual price is only 1150 yuan.

Back to the beginning of time, 1 2018 3, “ant mining machine sales” to the public launch of ant mining machine T9+ sales information, ant mill T9+ was the provisional price for 24900 yuan. A message, mine circle commotion. In the following, some friends of mine asked: “this machine to 10.5T, for the hair to sell so expensive?” Other friends of mine echoed: “yes, I was also puzzled, compared to S9, is low, high power consumption, why can sell S9 two times the price? Don’t know how confident in, one count, the recovery period for 6 months, half still not the accident.” At this time, there are friends of mine replied: “you can grab it?” Someone asked, “can I buy this?”

According to the current price, this machine has dropped to 4.6% at the beginning of the year.

In the mill Wright currency, L3+ price is not ambiguous

The ant miner’s official website, L3+ 504M models, the current price is 400 yuan.

Wright currency is a similar to the bitcoin currency P2P, expected output of 84 million LTC. To handle the transaction through SCrypt proof of work plan.

The “daily economic news” reporter’s inquiry, 3 2017 11, a business evaluation ant L3+ Wright currency mining machine, the price is 11700 yuan.

In the single machine encryption algorithm, A3 fell the most obvious

Official website shows, the ant mining machine A3 815G, priced at 300 yuan.

The “daily economic news” reporter’s inquiry, 1 2018 17 PM 14:00 bit, in its official website released a new machine — ant mining machine A3, all currencies can be dug Blake2b algorithm, one of the most representative is Siacoin (also known as cloud storage currency, SIA is a cloud storage to the center of the block chain project).

The batch of a total sale of 6000 units, each purchase of an account. Although the official price 20800 yuan, but the miners have been listed on a sold out, is a hard to find.

Insiders at the time of computing, SC (cloud storage currency) as an example, a A3 machine rated hashrate 815G, according to the difficulty of 1G every day can be dug about 15 SC, each SC price is about 0.21 yuan, a machine 815G, equivalent to about 2567 yuan. Invested 20800 yuan a day income of 2567 yuan, this is not going under the golden eggs? No wonder looted.

The reporter again estimates, in today’s currency price and the difficulty of network circumstance, with 0.4 yuan price is /KW, a A3 mining machine one day, gross income 3.12 yuan, net electricity 12.24 yuan, with 9.12 yuan, is not artificial and custody fees, really is the scrap mill.

In the world of money machine, D3 fell the same miserable

Official website shows, the ant mining machine D3 17G, priced at 300 yuan.

D3 is a specialized mining of world currency (DASH) of mine. The “daily economic news” reporter’s inquiry, as the world currency was born in 2014, and bitcoin ratio has higher anonymity, faster transaction characteristics.

From the beginning of 2017, as the world currency soared in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. In August 2017, officially launched as the world currency bit machine D3, the official price of 11300 yuan, has now dropped to 2.7% of the original price, only a fraction of the price at the end.

Source: official website, bit

Bit, the main source of income for vehicle sales

The evening of September 26th, bit, on the Hongkong stock exchange disclosed in the prospectus, plans to start listing. As the encryption of ASIC company based on the world’s biggest money machine, bit, market share up to 74.5%, it was expected that the valuation of $30 billion.

The prospectus published financial data as of June 30, 2018, the bit. Data show that the bit, 2015 net profit of $49 million, 2016 net profit of $114 million, $701 million in 2017, the first half of 2018 was $742 million.

Correspondingly, in 2015 and 2016, respectively, sold 230 thousand bits and 260 thousand sets of machine, the first half of 2017 only sold 180 thousand sets of machine, with the end of 2017 to early 2018, the bull market, a bit in the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018 were sold its 1 million 440 thousand units and 2 million 560 thousand units, the cumulative 4 million taiwan!

But it is worth noting that, in 2017, its bit sales revenue has accounted for 89.9% of total revenue; and in the first half of 2018 up to 94.3%.

That is to say, in 2017, the first half of 2018, net profit of $700 million, this bit, are made in the currency supply price rise, profits in mills.

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