The history of the biggest bubble burst? Bitcoin is below a year to $4500

Last year (2017), bitcoin has in the market unlimited scenery, bitcoin prices continued to rise, from 2009 announced $1 to buy 1309.03 coins, then a less than $1000, finally soared to $19891.99 in December 17, 2017 prices, at a dizzying peak in history. Crazy prices doubled, therefore known as the world’s largest bubble.

However, the total bubble punctured a day. Throughout 2018, bitcoin is the “fall” mode, the recent quiet months of bitcoin, and the coins will stir ring no peace, opened a crazy crash mode.

In November 14th, bitcoin prices hovering around $6400 in turmoil; in November 16th 12, bitcoin price has dropped to $5671; in November 20th 12, bitcoin prices fell again to $4706; on November 21st at 4:30 in the morning, bitcoin prices fell below $4100, the lowest price in 13 months.

Over the past week, bitcoin prices plummeted by about 38%; in the past year, bitcoin plunged 77%; bitcoin market capitalization in 2017 from the highest 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan evaporated. According to Bloomberg information, bitcoin prices are likely to fall back to about $1500, 70% of the market value evaporated bitcoin.

The bitcoin “flash crash” let many investors want to cry without tears, because in the past few months, digital currency investors investors have abandoned the coins, coins and other copycat products relatively hot air, “money king” bitcoin has become the best choice to hedge their hearts, even once believed that bitcoin prices will rose, who knows the slump is too fast, bitcoin investors “hedging dream” and “dream of riches” vanished in a moment.

As early as 2014 years, Warren Buffett had published his views on bitcoin, he believes bitcoin is just an illusion, it has great intrinsic value is just a joke, it is best to stay away from bitcoin investors.

Finally, the professionals said, do not understand the bitcoin market, bitcoin related technology and low risk tolerance of investors, the risk of bitcoin investment is too large, not because bitcoin temporary appearance and blind investment, financial reason, from currency speculation is the kingly way.

Investment to hedge hedge? Gold has value, easy storage, circulation, the world against inflation and other characteristics, is globally recognized as hedging products. The value of gold is mainly reflected in the gold holdings in the global scope is relatively stable, inflation is the main function of gold will not be like the same note because of the government over the resulting buy down, but not like bitcoin “flash crash”.

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