The history of the largest bitcoin bubble dream shattered! 30 billion dollars vanish, netizen: alarmed heart soul

The history of the largest bitcoin bubble dream shattered! 30 billion dollars vanish, netizen: alarmed heart soul

Time is fleeting, it is like being thrown out of the water, you want to close it back; it is such a time, you inadvertently, it is left in a hurry. I don’t know if you noticed, in this year’s No. twenty in the evening, a block chain community sent a manuscript, but that is not the time, but the “coins” of a post.

In the past few days, do not know why, once people believe bit money, started a miracle crazy drop, although a bit currency is a virtual currency, but its transmission point has been discredited. Bitcoin is Nakamoto proposed in 2009, and all other currencies are not the same, is very special, the safety performance is you don’t have to worry about, people are ready for you, with a special kind of cryptography, there is such a bitcoin less special, according to statistics this number, bitcoin is limited, LIMITED by only tens of millions.

But recently the bit currency has been down, just a week, from the original nearly $twenty thousand, fell to $more than 4000, the price fell by more than thirty percent, the market price decline is more severe. According to the reporter, a senior bitcoin investor said he lost all bleeding. Thus, the collapse of bitcoin, resulting in much loss of people, led to a number of businessmen “by the rich become poor”. Crash bit of money, not only is a result of investors blood loss, but also the loss of the industrial chain, and even a loss to the whole world. You must know who Chen Weixing is, even his chiefs have said, now the market price fell to this level, not to mention the future bitcoin market price will drop to what extent, he also said that this is the case, we have many places is really not good enough, but also is the time when we admit.

This is one reason, and one reason is that related to law enforcement actions.

I do not know whether we know BCH is a bitcoin cash bifurcation war, know something that is actually a NBA and almost match, but concerns a different game, people are concerned about the team, and that the focus of BCH is a string with the ever-changing digital. In order to win the game, various companies have resorted to the power of the United States at the same time, SEC also began to investigate the matter, the judgment of the two companies on the investment compensation. It is also because this one enforcement action, also caused the decline in the fate of bitcoin. More netizens said: This is the heart of a part-time alarmed soul, the roller coaster feeling just like that

Here, certainly some people want to ask, bitcoin will fall to what extent the future? This is unexpected, probably like big brother Chen Weixing said, the future of bitcoin will continue to fall, fell to 50%, 90%, or even may limit. Thus, people always believe bitcoin dream may really be shattered, $30 billion so come and go, we can only say that there is the risk of investment, and the need to be cautious.

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