The history of the largest bitcoin bubble dream shattered: $30 billion heavyweights also fell 50% exclaimed vanish

“How I wish that one day suddenly woke up and found himself asleep in a primary school class, now all experience is a dream, the table is slobber. Tell your deskmate, is said to have made a good long dream. My deskmate scold you idiot, ask you to listen. You looked out of the window, everything is so familiar, everything is full of hope……”

This is not a lyric prose, but the evening of November 20th in a post content of a block chain community.

In the past few days, the “blockchain followers believe bitcoin, suddenly opened the collapse mode.

Non small data show that in November 14th 12, bitcoin price of $6417. In November 16th 12, the price has dropped to $5671. In November 20th 12, bitcoin price of $4706. Just a week, bitcoin price has decreased by about 30%, its market capitalisation is $29 billion 746 million.

As of 20 May 19, bitcoin price of $4518, compared to day 12, and fell 4%. For a time, currency exchange, ring, ring, mine various leek panic unceasingly.

Currency investors lose ring bleeding.

As of November 20th 12, compared with $19299 to the end, bitcoin plummeted 76%. In fact, this is not the most miserable, since the middle of the year, the currency has fallen endlessly half circle, zero is not in the minority. The “daily economic news” reporter on trumpet statistics, in 2479 encryption currency, the price in a hair below the 1400, a following 611.

Zero tide in the months of currency in the circle, the brightest leek, investors dumped copycat coins, air currency hedging, replaced by “money king” bitcoin, believe that bitcoin will rise “100 million”, this fall, is being poured a pot of cold water.

The reporter contacted Mr. Wang, senior currency investors circle “I lose, bleeding,” Mr. Wang said. When it comes to interview, Mr. Wang said “poverty” and “no, the heart is a little tired, I rest, hurry to end the call.

In a block chain community, some investors called “Alas released! Not so bad, I do not know what time is this wave of quilt “Post said:” 20 thousand dollars two days before bitcoin $more than 5000 hunters, now there is only $15 thousand, dead loss……”

But there are also betting hunters. In the same community, people posting, claiming the whole warehouse 4500 hunters, synchronous open futures. “If 4300, then I declared dead. You don’t dig my post, let me die in peace. If 6000 then I will mention is not playing, away from the circle of money.”

The shock wave spread

Bitcoin plummeted, the impact is not only the brightest leeks, the whole industry chain in the tremor. Industry sources, in successive decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost price, part of the distribution in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other domestic small and medium-sized mines, but mine has sold liquidation. A year ago the price up to twenty thousand Taiwan machine, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan.

Similar, and the liquidation of the mine in November 20th, there is a hosting platform also issued a liquidation announcement. The platform that the ant S9 contract since 2018 years 11 months 7 days to 2018 years 11 months 16 days has ten consecutive days to pay management fees and charges. According to the “XXX service agreement”, if the 10 day contract revenue is not enough to pay management fees and charges, a force contract is automatically terminated.

Analysis of the industry, fell again and again encryption currency, the currency related chip maker, machine factory, the currency exchange circle to be listed will be subject to severe impact, not to mention since the beginning of the establishment, rely on to earn income for the ICO project site hundreds of coins from the media circle.

In November 19th “new economy 2018 block chain Hangzhou summit, the pan City Holdings, the pan city capital chairman of the fast taxi founder Chen Weixing said: the market may be worse than I imagined, now the market fell to 10%, then the future will fall 50%, even bitcoin prices will fall to 50% from the peak, 90% is possible.

With the previous crazy playing call, Chen Weixing changed the saying: “now is the time to admit their mistakes, we do a lot of things is not good enough, this industry especially influential people is to admit it, because we didn’t make an effort to make this industry more standardized.”

“This round of the crash related to enforcement action”

The reason for the bitcoin slump, first of all have to say about this a few days BCH (bitcoin cash) bifurcation of war. The evening of November 15th, tens of thousands of global BCH powder by Cash.Coin. Dance watch all night without sleep, like watching the game, is different, which is not against the team, but full screen digital change.

In this war, known as the “Craig Wright of the cong” in Australia (Kriger Wright) SV, insisted on expansion to 128 mb. Craig Wright, adhere to the original vision of the Cong (Satoshi Vision Nakamoto vision), become the so-called point of the cash system; while the other faction, ABC, bitcoin, (machine manufacturers) Wu Jihan and Roger Ver (bitcoin Jesus), they think it does not need to increase the capacity of the block. Their developers intend to upgrade its network function, in order to reduce transaction costs.

In order to win the war, the parties from computing power, data show that since World War II, the BTC of the whole network is already fell 13%.

Originally the dead money ring now jittery, the entire community in the division, “money king” status in continuous fibrillation.

A war is a force, more important reason is that on Friday, the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) ordered the two earlier survey by the ICO company, take the initiative to contact them all in ICO in October 2017 and inform the user, they have the right to request a refund and interest, including selling the token people. Investors will receive payment to buy the dollar currency valuation.

The two convicted enterprises for Airfox and Paragon Airfox, which raised $15 million, the current market value of only $1 million 70 thousand; Paragon raised $12 million, the current market value of only $4 million 290 thousand, the two companies are more than 90% break.

Professionals said: “this round of the crash related to enforcement action, almost certainly, law enforcement agencies are taking action. Crypto currency company spent huge amounts of money held lavish party roadshow to promote their value of millions of dollars of ICO, which has become the traditional atmosphere of ICO, the return to investors become difficult to achieve.”

Just imagine, once you can get a lot of money to, now being forced to repay the money, once forced from the tens of thousands of ICO blowing leather not all over?

Real investment gangster prophecy

Bitcoin is worth? The encrypted digital currency can produce much value? In this regard, Buffett’s answer is a great investment visionary.

As early as 2014, Buffett had said: “stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion. In my opinion, that it has great intrinsic value idea is a joke.” In May this year, Buffett in an interview said, “bitcoin is more toxic than drugs”.

This fall, the number of coins in one fell swoop breakdown line, because there is no value at all, what or where to go, who knows? Please circle the risk investors, currency, shenru!

(source: Daily News)

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