The Illinois government sponsors block chain hackers marathon activities

nnnAdventure Comment: Illinois will carry out a one-month block chain hacker marathon activities supported by the state government, students and graduates around the world to collect entries, will carry out a wealth of activities designed to make more people understand the block chain. The event will bring together the latest chain of progress in Illinois, as well as the government’s attention to the technology.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIllinois will support an upcoming block chain hacker marathon event.n
nIBI Hack is a one-month virtual hacker marathon that will begin on July 1 and will be organized by the Illinois Blockchain Initiative and Fulcrum, a chain-chain technology startup. The event is open to students from all over the world and college graduates who are just out of school. All entries will be closed until July 31.n
nIBI Hack is part of the Illinois Block Chain Activity Month, a one-month event that will host a series of science-focused educational activities in the state. The purpose of these activities is to tell people what is the block chain, what can it do.n
nGovernor Bruce Rauner said in a statement:n
nn”Illinois is the state of innovation, and I am delighted to see our young people participating in the Illinois block chain initiative, and our young people are strong and the future of Illinois will be bright.”n
nnThe Illinois Block Chain Initiative was announced in November and is the effort of government officials to apply the technology in the public sector. The program has been supported by a number of state agencies, including the Cook County Registry of Deeds, which has previously studied the timestamp concept associated with the Bitcoin block chain.n
nThe hacker marathon will showcase the latest developments in the Illinois block chain experiment. Two weeks ago, several of Chicago’s largest companies worked with the state government to launch a new block chain center. In March, Illinois joined the distributed books federation of the world’s leading banks.n

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