The Imperial Palace was wearing pajamas let you through, bitcoin fell a record low, straight Daily

A recent the Imperial Palace cross, launched 11 month launched a new television program “, with the the Imperial Palace in pajamas. The pajama inspired by Chang Yinge opera building and Qianlong period costumes of the the Imperial Palace of the male pythons, the Imperial Palace Museum on the eastern side of the hall of mental cultivation Cheong tone on the ceiling of the crane pattern, and into the volume grass grain wood plaque and other auspicious beast image design, of the Qianlong period drama clothing for modern pajamas, meaning “bat Fu Fu, Tsuruga, Ruyi; he Jiayin”.

The project is now Taobao chips.

Put it back to the night palace dramas home court!

Since a decade ago Marvel began to build MCU, in the Marvel Comics character in the indie movie series, series Marvel story has often been Manmi discussion and reasoning. Although there is a general consensus on the timing of Marvel fans of MCU, but because of the lack of official endorsement, is not persuasive. But recently to celebrate Marvel was founded in 10th anniversary, is preparing to launch Marvel books “Marvel Studios: the first ten years”, which officially confirmed the official version of the MCU sequence is as follows:

1943-1945: “Captain America”

2010: “Iron Man”

2011: “Iron Man 2”, “the Hulk” and “Thor”

2012: “Multiple”, “Iron Man 3”

2013: “Thor 2: the dark world”

2014: “Captain America 2: the Winter Soldier”, “the Milky Way guard”, “the Milky Way guard 2”

2015: “Multiple 2: Olympic record age”, “ant man”

2016: “Captain America 3: civil war”, “spider man: back the hero”

2016-2017: “Doctor Strange”

2017: “Black Panther”, “Thor 3: Twilight of the gods”, “multiple 3: infinity war”

But some of the works did not appear in the sequence table, such as the “Aegis Bureau agents”, “ant Man 2: female wasps appeared” and “Captain Marvel” etc.. There are a number of works in the introduction of chronology of the time and works differ, such as “Spider Man” in the book: the returning hero is said to occur in “multiple” 8 years later, but the official chronology of only just over 4 years, so this version of the sequence table there are a lot of controversy, but the authorities were trying to solve.

We use is definitely not the same universe of time.

G-SHOCK in the joint in the series show imagination will never disappoint earlier and the Dragon Ball series joint let numerous comic fans in droves, recently with Transformers teamed up to launch limited DW-6900 Optimus prime. Not only the red and blue color G-SHOCK DW-6900 to show the most incisive Optimus Prime’s domineering, watch more of the seat with Optimus Prime and creative imagination to limit, watches can be embedded in the perfect Optimus Prime’s chest. Watch and watch “fit” is the desire for the Transformers doll, but also do a lot of action turned!

Can a play called the 35th anniversary best G-SHOCK Optimus x gift, sale date is expected to be in December 8th, priced at 29000 yen, the old man can look up love!

It is my honor to the last battle.

Reuters according to the latest news, bitcoin fell below $5000 on Monday for the first time, this is the first time since October 12, 2017 fell below $5000, in the Bitstamp platform is dropped to a 13 month low, the original encryption currency fell 8.7% to $5100.

According to the guess of encryption currency widely selling may be the cause of the collapse of bitcoin.

Traders said, selling mainly driven by emotions, which caused the market to worry about Thursday bitcoin cash “hard bifurcate” small coins into two different currencies, this crazy may undermine other currency stability.

Other currencies follow diving.

It is cold to warm the stomach!

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