The importance of bitcoin bank era how high?

The importance of bitcoin bank era how high?


Bitcoin, P2P and all the chips and other financial loan technology now has just started, the industry of traditional commercial banks is difficult to pose a direct threat. But at this point, RandallS.Kroszner professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of business, pointed out that the impact can not be ignored in their development for banking and monetary policy and central bank regulation and supervision ability.

Study on the Federal Reserve Committee Director Kroszner the analysis of the rise of new forms of how to bypass the traditional bank loan mode, weaken the central bank through the ability standard of monetary policy. Once the other financing channels exist in digital form of currency is widely used, then control the bank interest rates (by adjusting the reserve bank to tighten or loosen the loan), effects on the economy may be more limited. Bitcoin without bank or central bank control.

Kroszner believes that commercial banks are still strong, the reason is that after the financial crisis of bank loans relative to other types of loans grew faster. In addition, he also mentioned some of the new form is superior to the traditional commercial banks favorable conditions, such as involving loan customer relationship can provide useful information for commercial banks to make credit.

He believes that in the future the question is whether it is Google, Amazon, such a large technology company, or start-ups, are likely to develop better than the inherent advantages of banks, such as the sale of such banks currently only able to grasp the detailed information about the borrower, or exceed the ability of the bank existing in the collection of comprehensive information. So, whether there will be a major innovation lead to bank competition boom in the future?

答案是,这种突破性创新尚未到来。 Kroszner has not yet found signs of monetary and banking revolution. But he believes that this major change will occur in ten to twenty years.

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