The Indian state government works to build public sector applications

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nnnIn India, the seventh largest state of Andhra Pradesh announced the cooperation with the network security company WISeKey, the use of block chain technology to protect citizenship data. And will be piloted between government departments, the latter will expand. This is to give citizens more power to provide the conditions for their potential.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAndhra Pradesh, India’s seventh-largest state, announced the partnership with WISeKey, a network security company that uses block-chain technology to protect citizenship data.n
nAndhra Pradesh said the huge amount of personal data in the database, the recent global encounter various forms of network attacks, it is planned to use WISeKey block chain technology to protect the government records of data. The cooperation will be in different departments of the government to carry out various pilot projects, and extended to the wisdom of the city and other fields.n
nJ.A. Chowdary, IT consultant for the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, said:n
nn”We want to use WISeKey as the leading provider of government network security solutions for various projects, but at the same time plan the vision of Smart City, expand beyond the Internet of Things, and use the” Deep Tech “technology.n
nnAndorra Transport Director N. Balasubramanyam also revealed plans to deploy the block chain in the transport sector, saying that Andhra Pradesh would be “the world’s first to do so.”n
nWISeKey founder and chief executive officer Carlos Moreira talks about the project:n
nn”There is a primitive vision, such as putting citizens in the center of gravity, building all the infrastructure around this vision, the key to the success of civil rights and the full potential of them.”n
nnAndhra Pradesh has been focusing on block-chain technology and has explored the application of the technology in land registration.n
nWhat is important is that Andhra Pradesh is the seat of Fintech Valley Vizag, the government-led business infrastructure project of Andhra Pradesh, known as India’s financial and technological change.n

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