The influence of mining bitcoin prices plummeted by catty sale unexpectedly

According to reports, until November 14th, bitcoin prices still hovering in the $6400 level; but in recent weeks, encryption money markets remain in the doldrums, bitcoin plunged nearly 38%. As of 21 am Beijing time 4 o’clock, bitcoin was plunged 4100 dollars, a record low since 13 months. Affected by the price of bitcoin, bitcoin mining industry market plummeted, actually appeared in mine by catty sale situation.  

According to news reports, now appeared after some small bitcoin mine mine waste was piled in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of catty to sell scrap metal. The current vehicle market depression seen terrible, such a situation the future may not be improved, but also more cruel.

The evening of November 20th, the netizen posting said, 100 thousand yuan investment in their own currency price peak, now only 2000 yuan, equivalent to 98% of the principal kuidiao. In the heating of the post, a second said, their 4.6 million investment in a few days on the loss of 1.5 million yuan. In the main version of other posts, in these days the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars a few friends.

It is understood that yesterday, Chen Weixing in the “new world economic reconstruction 2018 blockchain Hangzhou summit said encryption currency markets will likely worse than we thought. The future of bitcoin prices might fall 50%. If the liquidity of this industry again fell 50%, most basic practitioners have drink the northwest wind. Maybe four months later, still active in the meeting of the practitioners feel shy up. When the market is frozen, you really want to use the time to block chain technology.

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