The integration of ShapeShift after Overstock began to accept all the major non-bit currency coins

nnnOverrows: Overstock collaborates with ShapeShift, a global digital asset firm, to support the most important non-bit currency currency on the market today. Customers can choose a kind of encrypted money to buy goods, and can be exchanged on the exchange.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun, Inc. announced the integration of the world’s leading digital asset exchange ShapeShift, allowing customers to use all major encryption currencies, including Taitong, Leigh, Daisheng, Monroe, and the new Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Buy Overstock nearly four million kinds of goods, including furniture, groceries, bedding, decorations, carpets, DIY and so on.n
nShapeShift support a few seconds for a variety of digital currency exchange, do not set the account or data. The funds are sent to a specific address, and the transaction’s block chain record is both an order and a credential.n
nCustomers can choose their own favorite currency, submit orders, like other digital wallet transactions. Overstock uses ShapeShift to convert these encrypted currencies into Bitcoin. Refund money is also a currency of the currency, but the customer can easily convert the bit currency to its favorite currency through ShapeShift.n
nCompany founder and CEO Patrick M. Byrne said:n
nn”Overstock is an advocate of freedom, including individuals who do not rely on unreliable government officials to regulate the value and authenticity of the information exchange.To this end, we have long supported and used the encrypted currency.ShapeShift to a variety of digital currency users We are pleased to take advantage of its functionality to bring benefits to our customers. “n
nnShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said:n
nn”Overstock has long been involved in Bitcoin and Block Chain technology to demonstrate innovation, and the ShapeShift team is also pleased with this partnership and is pleased that our technology will help the next generation of Overstock customers.”n shows that this year there have been some popular non-bit coin-encrypted currencies that have increased the number of tradable digital currency to more than 1,000. Bitcoin market value or the largest encrypted currency, but the market value accounted for less than 50%, a year ago accounted for up to 80%. ShapeShift supports dozens of growing new digital assets. In addition, ShapeShift also began to support bifurcation assets after the recent bunker bit bifurcation Bitcoin Cash, and Overstock customers can buy goods through BCC.n
nOverstock is the first large retailer to pay for a variety of encrypted currencies. The announcement is another one of Overstock’s “firsts” in the chain chain area; the leader of the electricity business began to accept Bitcoin in 2014 and released the world’s first block chain on the t0 platform at the end of 2016. share.n
nOverstock.comn is an online retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and sells a lot of merchandise at low prices. In addition to household goods, as well as jewelry, electronics, clothing, etc., also provide third-party merchandise merchandise. Such as, which specializes in selling global artwork. Forbes ranks Overstock as the 100 most trusted company in 2014 (Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in 2014).n
nOverstock regularly publishes company information and other related matters in the Investor Relations section of the website.n
nShapeShift Introductionn
nShapeShift is the fastest and safest digital asset exchange in the world. Users can complete a few seconds to block the chain tokens transactions, no account. The company has led the concept of deliberately creating Consumer Protection by Design, leaving web-based and API-based transactions without counterparty risk (

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