The Italian Stock Exchange develops a chain-based securities trading platform based on super-books

nnnThe LSEG Focused Block Chain Technology, this week announced a partnership with IBM to create a chain-chain platform for digital shares in Italy. According to Reuters, the platform will be based on Hyperledger’s Hyperledger Fabric and developed by its Italian subsidiary, the Italian Stock Exchange.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is focusing on block-chain technology and has become the latest major securities platform for testing Hyperledger.n
nLSEG announced this week that it has partnered with IBM to create a chain of chains for Italian companies.n
nAccording to Reuters, the block chain platform was developed by the Italian branch of the Italian branch of the group, with a focus on “small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy”.n
n”With the development of these small and medium enterprises, they will be able to better interact with their shareholders,” said David Harris, head of emerging technology at LSEG, told Reuters.n
nHyperledger Fabric will form the basis of the platform, its products have been released last week, the initial mainstream version. Although this work is still in progress, but in the next few months and years will add a considerable number of additional features.n
nReuters added that the platform will be fully launched before the “first with a small number of customers and partners to carry out initial phase testing.”n
nSince its inception last year, Hyperledger has become the core of the IBM block chain and has organized multiple use cases to attract the world’s largest multinational companies.n

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