The largest private banks in Central Europe to accept the block chain

nnIn the wake of the chain chain technology, banking industry has emerged from the application of block-chain technology to reduce transaction costs and improve transaction security, speed and transactional variability. Many banks have considered the use of block-level technology at different levels, and the development of this technology in the banking industry is also a crucial matter. Recently, the largest bank in Central Europe, the Polish Savings Bank (PKO BP) test Coinfirm’s Trudatum platform marks another milestone in the block chain, and a large traditional bank participant enters the chain-chain ecosystem.n
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nOne of the industries that stand out from the application of block-chain technology is the banking industry. With this technology, banks around the world seem to be at the forefront of testing / adoption of block-chain applications for reducing transaction costs, improving transaction security, speed, and transactional variability.n
nGo back and forthn
nAnother reason why many banks are considering the use of block chains at different levels is that the technology continues to prove the fact that its development has become a boat. Therefore, the banks are caught in a “no way back” situation.n
nNo matter what the incentive is, it is out of a chamber of enthusiasm or a moment of forced, block chain in the development of the banking industry is very important thing.n
nMajor initiativesn
nAnother milestone in the block chain is the Trudatum platform for Coinfirm, the largest bank in Central Europe, the Polish Savings Bank (PKO BP). Today, Poland can be said to be one of the world’s most technologically advanced financial and banking markets.n
nTrudatum is the source and validation platform for any type of data, document or file, and its block-chain solution comes from the coinfirm of the block-chain platform.n

nPawel Kuskowskin
nCoinfirm Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Pawel Kuskowski said:n
nn”We are very proud and excited to be able to collaborate with PKO BP to further understand the block chain of key players and financial institutions. For Trudatum, there is no better partner in the financial industry than this … We look forward to helping them establish the banner of a global leader in the chain of chains among the major banks. “n
nAmerican programn
nIn addition to the banking sector, other industries are taking significant steps to promote the use of block chains.n
nJust recently, Delaware passed a bill that granted Delaware’s specific legal authority to create and maintain corporate data using distributed ledger or block-chain technology (electronic databases).n
nIn addition, the US government announced that it plans to hold the US Federal Block Chain Forum on July 18, 2017, co-sponsored by the General Services Administration and the State Department. The purpose of the forum was to develop a six-month program on how to enable government agencies to collaborate to create more projects related to block-chain technology.n
nBlock-chain solutions have the assurance of simplifying processes, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and optimizing data-related process security.n
nPKO BP uses Truedatum to mark another large-scale traditional participant into the block-chain ecosystem.n

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