The last day of the coupon! The third block chain global summit countdown, the latest agenda released


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September 14 – September 16th, by the universal block chain laboratory sponsored by the third block chain global summit will be opened in Shanghai Bund W Hotel. As the most important regional chain event in China and the world, since its inception, the summit has received hundreds of companies and industry sponsors and lecture applications, hot as this summer’s high temperature, its grand present fully reflects the current block chain Industry heat. In the end, EOS, Matrix, VeChain, Qtum, Cosmos, OpenLeger, Yoyow, NetScience, Genaro, etc. This year’s block chain industry focus will debut at the summit and showcase the latest success, and the latest detailed agenda The Mr. Xiao Feng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wanxiang Block, and Mr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of Wanzheng Block Chain, also announced the closing ceremony of “Re-understanding the Public Chain” at the last day of the summit on September 16th.n
nAt the appointed time, hundreds of industry decision-makers and opinion leaders, from all walks of life on behalf of enterprises, regulators, academic institutions guests, will be through keynote speeches, roundtable forums and seminars and other forms, to share the latest insights on the chain area Views, issues covering the forefront of chain technology, industry applications, policy and regulation, block chain investment, block chain alliance development and other important areas.n
nWanzheng Block Chain Laboratory sponsored by the “new economy” theme block chain global summit series, is recognized in the industry high-quality meeting. On the one hand, in determining the speaker, the organizers of the universal chain chain laboratory strict checks, inviting the current industry with professional background and industry experience leader. Such as the current summit guests, father of intelligent contract Nick Szabo, company CTO Daniel Larimer (screen name BM), Overstock founder and CEO Patrick Byrne, founder of the ether square is also the universal block chain laboratory chief scientist Vitalik Buterin, former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Chairman of ChinaLedger Technical Committee Bai Shuo and dozens of speakers, each of which is a hot topic in the field.n
nOn the other hand, the exhibitors of the summit are with typical innovation ability of the industry representative. At present, exhibitors have been identified from the United States, China, Singapore, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia and other countries, and in the past year, the chain industry chain situation EOS, matrix elements, VeChain, Cosmos, etc. have been identified Will be in the third block chain global summit set up booth, publicity their latest achievements. Participants can not only understand the latest developments in the innovation and development of the block chains in different countries, but also communicate with the heads of the projects on the booth and discuss the future innovation trend of the block chain in depth.n
nIt is reported that exhibitors are now all identified. In the speech, in addition to previously reported luxury speech lineup, the China Internet Finance Association block chain group leader Li Lihui, New York Mellon global emerging business and technology and block chain business leader Alex Batlin, Ping An Group Executive Vice President, COO, CIO, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Technology Chen Xinying, Tenx CEO Toby Hoenisch, Director of China Science and Technology Financial Law Society Xiao Sa, Professor of Wuhan University (Cryptography Expert) He Debiao, IOTA Dominik Schiener, Filament Allison Clift-Jennings , Kaula CEO Junichi Ootsuka, Symbiant CEO Mark Smith and other heavyweights have also been determined to attend the third block chain global summit and share at the summit.n
nUp to now, the latest summit detailed agenda has also been released. The first day of the summit is the start-up company project display and appraisal, the next two days are the official summit day.

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