The local people are in Chile? Bitcoin exchange SurBTC donation

The local people are in Chile? Bitcoin exchange SurBTC donation

According to media reports, local time 16, Chile 8.2 earthquake occurred. Has caused 13 deaths, more than 9000 people homeless, a gold Bogang coastal town has entered a state of emergency. Chile is an earthquake prone country, the 8.2 earthquake in Chile is the history of the sixth earthquake, this year is the world’s strongest earthquake.

After the earthquake, the government and non-governmental organizations around the world have to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of chile. Chile’s first bitcoin exchange SurBTC also launched rescue victims of action.

SurBTC CEO (GuillermoTorrealba) Guillermo? Torrealba said: “the earthquake on the coast of many fishing villages caused a devastating blow, a lot of people homeless.”

Tore Jarl Wa said:

“SurBTC provides people with bitcoin exchange currency services, so all over the world to help the victims of Chile, even if there is no credit card, can also be sent through donations of $1 worth of bitcoins. We will open a special account to raise funds, raise funds will be converted into pesos, zero fee. These funds will be sent to the ChileAyuda, a charity relief agency established by the Chilean government and local enterprises jointly organized.”

Tore Jarl Wa said this is not only to help the victims, but also play the role of publicity bitcoin.

“We believe that through this donation, can let people see the benefits of bitcoin, compared with the traditional methods of payment, bitcoin can quickly bring people together, such as this one, to help the victims and kind people all over the world.”

SurBTC was established in March of this year, that is to do a full range of compliance, and the bank established a closer relationship. At the beginning, it also won the Chilean government venture capital.

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