The main wave of bankruptcy! Bitcoin prices fell to $4000, just made a small fortune is lost

Text / Ding Yizhe

A few days ago, bitcoin fell to $6000, which makes a lot of money circle participants felt anxious, today, bitcoin prices fell further to $4000, has fallen below the cost price, now, to continue the work of the machine is constantly losing money. Some small mills are some miners out of sale, the price fell as the purchase price of half.

With the sharp decline in prices, a number of miners began to fall into huge losses. For some high entry small miners, said they have been unable to exit bankruptcy operation. Some money before miners said that money was also lost, now, bitcoin mining has been a large number of game player Aihong, bankruptcy phenomenon.

In 2017, bitcoin price once rose to 20 thousand dollars a piece. With bitcoin prices, a large number of new game player in bitcoin circle, and even a large number of bitcoin billionaires. Now this short period of time less than a year, the price fell to $4000, down more than 70%. But in the first period of time, the stock market fell, many people choose to buy bitcoin to evade risk.

However, a lot of people just after admission, bitcoin prices began to fall down in time. From the highest twenty thousand, fell to ten thousand, from $ten thousand down to $6000, $six thousand in position or not long, and now fell to $four thousand. This rate is very alarming.

Bitcoin fell continuously so many people into a panic, because everyone can not see the price will fall to what position to rebound. As an electronic currency, bitcoin value of a lot of people did not understand, like a share, at least one can set the price, value can be generally recognized.

In addition, as the first popular global electronic currency, bitcoin prices plummeted to a substantial decline in the price of other currencies. Ethernet coins, reboxetine currency prices have also plunged. Dropped by the electronic currency value, the famous chip maker NVIDIA shares also fell, fell more than 20 billion dollars.

When bitcoin just rising, many people buy ore mining bitcoin, their early entry have made a lot of money, but before now, with bitcoin prices decline, mining operations have suffered losses, these miners are going to leave the bitcoin circle. A holding one hundred thousand yuan admission today only more than 30000 owners said, now have to stop all the machine, machine sold. But now the price has become its scrap iron, difficult to recover the investment.

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