The mainstream of the implementation of a “51% hour encryption currency attack” how much money to spend?

After a recent slump, the market seems to be signs of recovery, and once again saw the waves rose. However, we may want a little splash a little cold water, on an interesting topic: if the attack bitcoin, Ethernet square, bitcoin cash and Wright currency four mainstream encryption currency for an hour, how much does it cost?

The “51% attack” means malicious miners trying to control the encryption currency block chain in a very special way of hacking, get more than half of the money in force through the encryption block chain, you can get a brief control of the network. More importantly, as long as in a state of control block encryption currency chain, you can authorize or review any transaction.

Here, we hope that in the “turbulence” market environment, explore the attack bitcoin, bitcoin cash and etheric Fang Wright currency four mainstream encryption currency needs time and cost, simply, is that you will spend a lot of money to implement the “51% attack on the main chain block encryption currency”. Next, let us look together.


As a “crypto currency” father, is also the highest market value of encryption currency, bitcoin’s current market value of about $75 billion 540 million, the transaction price of around $4340. If you want to bitcoin blockchain implementation of the 51% attacks, you need out of pocket $277355 – nearly $280 thousand to get 60 minutes of hacking fun.

The etheric Fang

If hackers want to seek control of the ether block square chain, then it means that they want to attack a market value of about $12 billion 600 million in network. Currently, each token Ethernet network in the square trading price of about $122. This means that if you want to implement 51% hacker attacks on the etheric square block chain, cost $88059 – nearly $90 thousand an hour to get network access.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash since hard bifurcation has been highly concerned by the community, we will consider a BCHABC and BCHSV analysis. At present, the bitcoin cash SHA-256 algorithm is used, the market value of about $3 billion 240 million. If you want to cash the bitcoin block chain 51% hacker attacks, need to spend $14610, nearly $15 thousand.

Wright currency

Wright currency current market capitalization of $2 billion, the token is currently trading at around $35. In order to block the implementation of a chain of Wright currency 51% hours a successful attack, you need to spend $19471 in the block chain of nearly $20 thousand.

In fact, the market mainstream encryption currency “51% attack” still need to spend a certain cost. In contrast, many copycat coins can easily “51% attack”, security is very worrying. For example, Mooncoin, Traid, Phonixcoin, Rupee, SIBCoin, and PACcoin token one hour “51% attack cost only $5, while Zetacoin, SOILcoin, Bata, Cream, SmartCoin, Halcyon, Influxcoin these crypto currencies for one hour” 51% attack “cost is zero.

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