The man stole computer bitcoin mining earn profit 4 million yuan

Stealing computer mining bitcoin earn profit

The suspect stole the Internet computer bitcoin earned profits more than 4 yuan has been arrested by the police Guangzhou daily news (all media reporter Fang Qing correspondent Cui Jiefeng) along with the rise of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, with computer “mining” is gradually coming into view. Here the “mining” refers to the process by computer is the stress of virtual currency contribution. 3 reporters from the Panyu District people’s Procuratorate, the hospital recently approved the arrest of a man suspected of stealing computer Internet mining earn bitcoin profit suspect.

The suspects called into a clear, male, aged 35, is an Internet cafe in Panyu, the only alliance as a technician, already on the Internet Alliance for ten years, responsible for the daily operation of equipment and 5 Internet cafes more than 600 computer maintenance and management of the alliance’s Internet cafes.

In 2018 January, the union Cafe boss Jiang learned of many people in the industry as “mining” to make money, let a clear attempt to “mining” to increase the income of the free use of Internet cafes Internet cafes computer. A clear and in the Internet to re assemble the 6 computer specialized mining”. After testing, Jiangmou think “mining” is not worthwhile, so in 2018 March, let a clear stop “”. But the strange thing is that the next few months, the Internet continues to receive customer complaints, complaints are playing online games, often appear slow, often dropping account card, can not play the game phenomenon, let Jiangmou into a clear investigation, but has never found out why. In mid August 2018, Jiang invited new technician, found that 5 of all Internet cafes are being implanted in the boot computer add in “mining” program. For months, the Internet computer is the emergence of the problem, are caused because the mining operation procedure. The river then questioned whether its a Qing Dynasty as a Qing confessed, and signed a compensation scheme, but has refused to perform, so Jiangmou reported to the police, the incident so far.

After appearing in court, the suspect into a confession, as of mid August this year, the river has been holding out with a 5 Internet cafes computer secretly mining bitcoin, the deposit all my online account, and then sell profit. To before the incident, the sale of bitcoin through online trading platform a total profit of RMB 4 yuan.

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