The Middle East’s first bitcoin ATM in Israel deployed in Tel Aviv

The Middle East’s first bitcoin ATM in Israel deployed in Tel Aviv

On Wednesday night, the Middle East will deploy the first two-way bitcoin ATM. This machine is the production of Robocoin, installed in a fashion hotel Tel Aviv.

        This gave the Israeli residents and tourists a new choice to use bitcoin, rather than through online exchange and bank transfer, or face to face transactions.

  ATM and bitcoin vending machine is a small currency exchange, which is more suitable for new users are more friendly.

        ATM Bitbox CEO Nimrod Gruber management, he said, “the sale of the first bitcoin bitcoin in the Middle East will allow any bitcoin knowledge more easily 7×24, without the need to through the bank. “

        It also gives visitors a new way to exchange the local currency, so there is a new and simple choice of foreign workers in Israel, if the home has a bill appeared bitcoin ATM, can be directly converted into Israeli currency bitcoin and bitcoin will be sent home.

Although this is not in the Middle East, debate the first bitcoin ATM is open. Demystifying Dubai Inc Umbrella in April in a city which demonstrates the bitcoin purchase service.

Umberella said they plan to introduce 300-400 Mango payment kiosks to buy bitcoin system. Where payment is only allowed to buy bitcoin pavilion.

Israel and the world beyond Silicon Valley is the most important technology innovation center, so far has bitcoin show a friendly attitude, but also several venture capital’s hometown, the famous digital currency bitcoin projects such as the Mastercoin, such as Meni Rosenfeld’s propaganda originated in Israel.

Michael Eisenberg, the VC company Aleph partners, said earlier this year, Israel should make use of their talents, and the enterprise’s dissatisfaction with the United States regulatory quagmire, become bitcoin center.

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