The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation carries out the block chain pilot

nnnThe Russian state-run development bank (VEB) announced a joint demonstration with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to explore the use of the technology in the exchange of medical records and to disclose that the government will also apply the technology in other areas. At the same time, VEB is also carrying out other block chain projects, hoping to follow this new technology to keep up with the trend of development of the times.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is working with a state-owned bank to explore the possible use of the block chain.n
nThe Russian state-run development bank (VEB) revealed this partnership last week, and the bank and the health ministry will explore how to use block-chain technology to exchange medical records. It also mentions that the Government has called for the establishment of an inter-agency data sharing new order, suggesting that it may also be an area where Russian officials apply block chains.n
nThe bank also revealed that it would set up a “center of things” through which the center would study possible block chain applications.n
nVEB President Sergey Gorkov said in a statement:n
nn”The center will study the development of private chains with the joint efforts of the VEB team and international professional teams capable of fulfilling the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Health, and then the Ministry of Health will identify areas of block chain applications. To ensure a more coherent work, we have invited Ministry of Health to join the block chain working group.n
nnVEB revealed plans to develop a large number of block-chain products and services earlier this summer. This week’s report shows that the bank is also paying for charity to test the Ether Square.n
nGorkov, in a statement to the local media, points out that one of the drivers of this technology is the need to keep pace with the times.n
nHe said:n
nn”When we began to think about how to effectively manage the project, we realized that there was no such platform, and realized that the block chain was a good base platform for future development.n

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