The MT4 Forex Trading Platform will be bundled with the encrypted currency

nnnMohsin Jameel is the former CEO of TradeNext, a foreign exchange dealer. Recently, all his IT consulting firm Bull Infotech announced a new strategic partnership with Bondsolives to help Bitsolives to encrypt currency products directly tied to MetaTrader 4 (MT4) interface. With the popularity of encrypted money products, the foreign exchange brokerage industry has accepted the encrypted currency fairly quickly, and many have incorporated the encrypted currency into its products. Bull Infotech hopes to use this trend, with the company’s technology to foreign exchange traders access to the encrypted currency exchange.n
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nThe focus of the agreement is to connect foreign exchange traders directly to the rapidly growing areas of encrypted currency.n
nMohsin Jameel Bull Infotech, an IT consulting firm, announced a new strategic partnership with encryption money company Bitsolives. The former chief executive of TradeNext, a foreign exchange trader, has signed an agreement to help Bitsolives’ encrypted currency products be tied directly to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) interface, which is the effort of foreign exchange brokers in recent months The results.n
nEncrypted currency products by the Bitcoin and the ether square and other tools to stimulate the demand and stimulate the popular, recently reached a record high. Which led to the foreign exchange brokerage industry quite quickly accepted the encrypted currency, many of which have been encrypted currency into its products. Bull Infotech hopes to use this trend, with its technology trying to foreign exchange traders access to encrypted currency exchange.n
nBull Infotech is a comprehensive provider of software products and IT services, and the group’s development tools portfolio also helps connect MT4 with encrypted currency exchanges, ultimately contributing to the agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Spain’s Bitsolives will be able to access MT4 to support the linking of encrypted currency pairs and other foreign foreign exchange pairs to major encrypted currencies.n
nThe key to this combination is the newly developed connectivity of Bull Infotech, the integration of the MT4 platform with the Bitsolives encrypted currency exchange, and a payment gateway for encrypted money, providing an alternative payment method for traders One of the biggest hurdles faced by encrypted currency transactions in recent years is the lack of consistency and timely payment and execution modules, but this trend seems to be gradually disappearing.n

nMohsin Jameeln
nMohsin Jameel commented that:n
nn”After I studied the market, I realized that there was little European company going to develop tools to link foreign exchange traders to encrypted money exchanges, and with the experience of the foreign exchange industry, Bull Infotech had the ideal condition to take advantage of this opportunity.n
nnn”We have a wealth of experience in managing and directing large IT applications in real-time environments, and this transaction is a major breakthrough in business.” In addition to working with Bitsolives to integrate encrypted money products, we will also develop an encrypted currency wallet as Brokers’ payment channels around the world, and risk tools and other plugins for MT4. “n

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