The multinational aid network tries to track donations on the block chain

nnnIn the event of more than 40 members, the UK-based aid agency’s multinational network Start Network collaborates with Disberse, one of the nine block chain startup companies that joined FCA Financial Technology Accelerator last year to test the use of donations in the block chain.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAid institutions Transnational networks try to track donations and their use in the chain chain.n
nMembers of more than 40, headquartered in the UK’s Start Network announced with the start-up company Disberse cooperation in the technical test. Start Network Donors include Oxfam, Save the Children, and the European Commission’s aid agencies.n
nDisberse is a fund management start-up company that uses block chains to transfer and track donations between donors, governments and charities and other participants. The purpose of this cooperation is to enable donors to clearly and transparently understand the transactions recorded in the distributed books.n
nStart Network Director Sean Lowrie said:n
nn”This exciting collaboration will lead to changes in the way in which capital flows are in the humanitarian system.Start Network is experimenting with innovative solutions for many humanitarian challenges to make aid agencies more efficient and effective.”n
nnDisberse is one of the start-up companies of the Financial Technology Accelerator, which was established last year by the Financial Behavior Authority (FCA). Disberse is one of the nine block chain companies joining the accelerator.n

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