The myth of the price of bitcoin, will it end? How many other people are looking for the future of digital money?

Bitcoin, a digital currency as we know, not because of its practical value, but because of its high price myth!

Over the years, bitcoin from not worth a hair, turned up 25 million times, it can be said to break our values!

However, a lot of people think the future of bitcoin will be more insane!

Bitcoin price once rose to $2 million price, but did not last long, all the way down!

It also lets many people who once thought bitcoin can create miracles began to wonder about its so-called value. Is it really able to continue its myth of the price of heaven?

We do not know this, after all, bitcoin, as a virtual existence, is not what I can see and see in my hands, can rise to today’s price, can be said to be very crazy!

As a person who does not believe in the so-called digital currency or bitcoin, it is still necessary to remind you, not to be too optimistic. After all, bitcoin can rise from worthless to a price, then it may fall from the sky to a worthless price, and anything can happen, so it still needs to be taken into consideration.

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