The myth of the price of the bitcoin, in the future, will be replaced by other digital currencies?

Bitcoin price myth, in the future, there will be other digital currency substitution?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! About bitcoin prices recently, I believe we all know the way in the fall, then a lot of people think, it is one of the best time to bitcoin hunters, but the fact is really like this?

Although bitcoin is not worth a hair from the price rise, but also makes much of the myth, also attracted a lot of attention in the Internet community, it can be said that after all these years, is a doctor from Cai road grew up, but it also has the future of this thing for bitcoin is still. You can see, believe that in 17 years, we all have heard about the currency circle of people have always said bitcoin future can grow to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of prices but if bitcoin is to 2 million dollars in the price rise, has continued to plunge, until now more than 3000 the price of this is that the status of bitcoin is not very impressive, that is tied up in the bitcoin market there are also very much.

For bitcoin, they really have a look at the future of bitcoin? Or other reasons? In fact, a lot of people involved in bitcoin are just trying to make money from inside bitcoin only, realize the dream of wealth is to grab to buy bitcoin, but now bitcoin prices plunged, the so-called hedge which can be said to be a year of time will collapse of itself, a substantial decline, so as to make a lot of bitcoin bitcoin people began to produce a doubt, then bitcoin whether there is a future at all?

In fact, one of the most simple reason, if bitcoin bitcoin market holds the people read the bitcoin words, the price already rose to hundreds of thousands or even millions of the price, because there is no one to sell, then there will be a higher price to buy, after the formation of a transaction the system gradually, bitcoin prices will naturally rise up!

But now the bitcoin slump, we can see that many people have started bitcoin mistrust, but also the future of bitcoin is a certain degree of suspicion, and now the development of block chain technology, we can see there are so many digital currency market, and their are created with block chain technology from above and then compared the price of bitcoin words can be said to be very far, so if it is as an investment, will choose the price is not expensive, but also a digital currency more trend to invest it, after all, as bitcoin are soaring crash, we see bitcoin is not stable, so the risk factor is also very high, relative to other digital currencies is, their prices and bitcoin is compared, the gap is very large, so the risk coefficient is not so big!

So say, bitcoin’s future prospects, is not like the original so crazy, after all, this block chain technology has not said very mysterious, but began to open, transparent! So in the future, there will be some other alternative digital currency bitcoin price myth now!

For digital currency or coins, you have what kind of view? Below the comments section of your opinions, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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