The New Hampshire Bitcoin Regulatory Exemption Act came into effect next week

nnnIn New Hampshire, New Hampshire began a new digital currency regulatory process in January, and in accordance with the House of Representatives proposal, the final Senate voted to pass the bill to exclude “full or partial corporate transactions in virtual currency transactions” in the state’s monetary service regulations people”. Get welcome to the local Bitcoin community. The relevant bill came into effect on August 1.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nRegulatory exemptions for digital currency traders will take effect in New Hampshire next week.n
nLast month CoinDesk reported that Chris Sununu, the state governor, signed the HB 436 bill on June 2, which ruled out the “full or partial business of virtual currency transactions.” The bill first appeared in January.n
nThe final confirmation of the bill at the end of April showed that the new regulations came into effect on August 1.n
nThe measure was welcomed by the state’s special currency community, except that state officials, including chief financial regulators, opposed the proposal at the hearing. The bill sponsor is Congressman Barbara Biggie, Rep. Keith Ammon is a co-sponsor.n
nVoting, the House of Representatives and the Senate have divergent views on the bill, the voting results were 185-170 and 13-10.n
nThe final rule highlights the different ways in the state’s digital currency regulation. Other states choose to strengthen digital currency transactions or service control.n

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