The new YAHOO finance bitcoin price service

The new YAHOO finance bitcoin price service

Today there is news that YAHOO finance new bitcoin price index, confirmed, YAHOO finance has indeed added bitcoin price index, specific to YAHOO finance bitcoin price of the dollar index view.

YAHOO finance belongs to YAHOO portal. According to Baidu encyclopedia, YAHOO finance China is the only one the world’s major exchange market professional financial channels, bitcoin financial derivatives market as one of the latest and most popular variety of transactions into YAHOO finance price index is also reasonable. 4 at the end of 2014, Bloomberg in the service terminal is also added to the market price. Bloomberg said that due to the high level of interest, it is impossible to ignore the digital currency. The Wall Street Journal (blog, micro-blog) added that bitcoin price index means that Bloomberg “recognized bitcoin, Bloomberg said prices added bitcoin does not mean they recognize bitcoin, investors are not in Peng Bo or other digital currency bitcoin transactions.

It is worth mentioning that, with YAHOO as the search engine Baidu last December launched the “123 bitcoin bitcoin market, providing services; in January of this year, Sina also launched the bitcoin market. But as Google Internet pioneer innovation has not yet on-line bitcoin market service, nor the bitcoin added to any of its products, although its chairman Schmidt had said in April this year, bitcoin architecture is a great progress.

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