The next 24 hours of continuous noise? There is bitcoin mining machine secretly started

Some time ago, a 89 year old grandmother distressed Changzhou Shen, the neighborhood 24 hours from the noise, let her restless. She went to see that no one long house, only a dozen batteries in charging. This is doing?

Shen said the grandmother, this summer, the new tenants moved next door to the figure, usually difficult to see, the noise is 24 hours continuously. Because the house is an old wooden structure, especially at night, the noise is especially harsh. The surrounding neighbors are great, everyone is not with the new tenant ditch, but with little success.

Changzhou Ding Yan Chang Feng Cun, first street grid long Chou Jianping daily patrol found the situation, immediately through the grid management platform for reporting, less than an hour, a police station, fire control, safety supervision and other departments of the staff came to the scene. Inspection found that the house is not in the battery charge, but there are 2 groups of 15 machines in operation, the noise exceed the standard. Upon inquiry, the person said, these machines are bitcoin mining machine, in the day and night in mining”.

The police in accordance with the regulations on administrative penalties for public security, make its rectification, eliminate the influence. A week later, the noisy neighbors to move away from the scene.

(this news belongs to the Jiangsu provincial radio and television all, please indicate the source)

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