The next bull market in bitcoin is near

Real estate entrepreneurs, bitcoin investors, gold technology company (Tech Bullion) encryption expert Eric Darius (Eric Dalius) currency said that although the market is still singing empty bitcoin, bitcoin market is still a lot of controversy. But he still said that the next bull market is getting closer.

Several bitcoin bubble

The price of bitcoin, the word for money even for encryption who is absolutely ignorant of, often hear. The word followed by a series of people fall into a reverie of adjectives: crash, crash, zero…… You’ll see。 In this market background, we are very glad to can also see a lot of people still believe that bitcoin will rise, set up to predict the next bull market coming.

Those in the encryption market has stayed for a long time, probably before it has experienced a bear market. For the long-term adherence to the encryption market, at least you heard of them.

From the beginning, bitcoin is a completely unstable asset. Go back to 2011, bitcoin when the price reached $32 peak, then collapsed, fell more than 94%.

Bitcoin prices fell, but when close to the end of 2012, bitcoin even fell to $2.50. At that time, many experts have said bitcoin is done, the value will be zero.

But bitcoin prices soared again in the period from 2012 to 2013, reached a peak of $260, after hacking notorious repute Mentougou, bitcoin market crashes again. In November 2013, bitcoin again from the ashes.

Bitcoin prices close to $1000, once again attracting people who want to make money fast. Again after the crash, 87% of the value of evaporation. The bitcoin bear market lasted more than 400 days, a large number of leek to leave, but bitcoin and encryption currency market continues.

When bitcoin 2017 again into the bull market. By the end of 2017 bitcoin highest price of nearly $20 thousand. Continuous speculation really makes bitcoin crash again.

Now, bitcoin prices have fallen nearly 80%. This is very terrible to encryption market investors and novice, many analysts also noted that the price of each bitcoin is rising too high, will start sharply down.

Of course there are people not so optimistic, Harvard University professor Ken Rogoff (Ken Rogoff) said, at this time, coins like the lottery, in the hope of “dystopian future” in return, bitcoin is more likely to fall to $100, rather than $100 thousand.

Why the opposition is wrong

Great analysts believe that bitcoin now has bottomed out, many investors have begun to buy in. Some people said that it would fall to $1500.

On the other hand, for example, Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee (Tom Lee) said that by the end of 2022, bitcoin will reach $125 thousand. These predictions do not know which one is right. However, you can ensure that now is a good time to buy, a few years will be greater or the future.

Now the bitcoin price is around $3500, and finally hit bottom? Will start up?

Through the historical trend of bitcoin can be found, bitcoin trend is predictable. He also pointed out that investors should be cautious, you can buy some other currencies to diversify encryption.

Although a lot of bitcoin holders do not agree with this view, because most of the competition this year to Bibite coin currency poor lot.

The next bull market began

Dalius bitcoin bitcoin holders use profits to buy a large number of real estate throughout the United states. Bought a Lamborghini, despite a substantial decline, but he still continues to hold the coin.

Of course, he insists, “crypto currency with the lottery is the same, is likely to be not worth a hair.” But with this technique has been used in large companies, governments and financial institutions, the New York stock exchange’s parent company with Bakkt encryption platform to enter the market, NASDAQ also followed the next round of the bull market is coming.

In an interview yesterday, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler proposed crypto currency the problem of survival, and said:

I want to say, the answer is clear, the price is only an expression of the relationship between supply and demand. Many encryption market infrastructure and the case is still lacking, this is what we should perfect in Bakkt. Although prices fell sharply, but we are still very optimistic.

These platforms will only as technology become a part of the mature securities market to grow together. Therefore, the next bull market has never been “whether” back problems, but “when” problem.

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