The noise of a neighbor’s home for 24 hours is constantly being stolen by a bitcoin diggers.

The previous period, Jiangsu Changzhou, 89 years old Shen granny is very upset, the neighbor’s home 24 hours of noise, let her sit hard. She went to see the discovery that there was no one in the room for a long time, and only a dozen batteries were charged together.

“It’s buzzing and buzzing, so we can’t sleep.” This summer, this summer, the new tenant who moved to Changzhou was difficult to see in the summer, and the noise was 24 hours.

Because the house is an old wooden structure, and especially at night, the noise is out of the ear. The neighbours are very big, and the people don’t have to pass the new tenant, but they have little effect. “No way, we say that the woman is going to swear.”

Chou Jianping, the first grid grid of the first grid of Changzhou Ding weir street, discovered this situation and reported it immediately through the grid management platform. Less than an hour, the police station, fire, safety supervision and other departments of the staff came to the scene.

Check found that the house is not the battery is charging, but a total of 2 sets of 15 machines in operation, the noise over the field. After enquiry, the other party said that the machines were all bitcoin diggers and kept in “mining” day and night.

According to the police, according to the regulations of the public security management punishment, the effect is eliminated. A week later, the noisy neighbour moved away from the scene on its own.

(source: Jiangsu news editor: Zhou Jie)

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