The NYSE brothers trading platform Bakkt bitcoin futures until next year

When the chain (micro signal: ChainDD) November 21st – the NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 20 announced that its digital assets is expected on-line trading platform Bakkt Bakkt bitcoin ($) daily delivery futures contract date in January 24th next year.

When App chain editor noticed, this last month Bakkt announced the time delayed a month, Bakkt said earlier, is scheduled to launch in December 12th this year the contract, only to be approved by regulators. The new date now still needs regulatory approval, Bakkt has not yet received regulatory approval.

When App news chain was introduced, Bakkt is ICE and the Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft and Starbucks and other companies jointly established platform, which will launch is the world’s first bitcoin settlement by the so-called real bitcoin futures contracts. At present, both major U.S. CME futures and Cboe futures is bitcoin cash settlement.

Bakkt explained that the preparation time set the date of the new will give customers more and liquidation. Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffer, due to launch products need some new processes, to test the risk and risk mitigation scheme for the new crypto currency asset classes, these resources will be applied.

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