The oil company intends to sell bitcoin ATM machine to the casino, which shares jumped 60%

The oil company intends to sell bitcoin ATM machine to the casino, which shares jumped 60%


Although regulators warned Israel cannot tolerate bitcoin in some way is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange listed companies, but is still in the field to vote. The latest example is a company until now has focused on oil refinery company. Suddenly, it announced plans to sell bitcoin ATM machine in Turkey occupied north of Cyprus, possibly even Nigeria casino.

Bitcoin is the new oil

Chiron refinery (TASE:CHR) is a focus on the development of African oil refinery company, on Tuesday morning announced to investors are entering the encrypted currency market, its stock price quickly rose nearly 60%. Regulatory agencies in the obvious promotion, the company released a second statement at the end of the trading day, and released additional information about this initiative.

Chiron reported the establishment of a new refinery in Nigeria agreement on Sunday. The company has now decided to expand into the field of encryption currency accessibility. The company signed an agreement with the encryption technology Co. Ltd, in Northern Cyprus (Turkey occupied part of the island) the establishment of a subsidiary, the company became the sole distributor in the region as well as Turkey native. 12 months after the signing of the agreement of the company is still in the expansion option distribution business to Nigeria.

Each casino needs a bitcoin ATM machine

It is said that the encryption technology Co. Ltd. has developed a unique technology for end users to quickly and safely for the sale and purchase of encryption currency, which is underwritten by an American insurance company. From the extension of the description, the main product is a mobile application to tablet computer into bitcoin ATM machine. Allegedly, the company will be ready before April next year.

Chiron added that in order to appease regulators’ concerns, user interface and trading algorithms have been developed, it is not known in the expected area have any law prohibiting bitcoin, but it won’t hold bitcoin. In addition, the company also explained that these products to potential customers is not an individual but like the casinos of enterprise. When the Israeli media asked the company have any contact with any of the above company, Chiron’s lawyer explained, one owner in Northern Cyprus and have contacts in the casino business.

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