The $one hundred million fund, Gerbaud into block chain game, broaden the XRP usage scenarios

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 The $one hundred million fund, Gerbaud into block chain game, broaden the XRP usage scenarios

In March 13th, according to foreign media reports unhashed block chain, Ripple (Rui Bo) developers ecological fund Xpring and gaming industry to provide blockchain technology platform Forte invested $one hundred million to set up a fund to use block chain technology to help developers better.

The funds will be combined with the Forte technology platform, including cooperative design with open source Ripple solutions are widely used to speed up the block chain technology in the game.

Xpring is composed of Ripple (Rui Bo) launched for block chain application infrastructure investment fund, established in May 16, 2018. The company has appointed Ethan Beard to Gerbaud Gerbaud Xpring and responsible for project developers. The person in charge of Ethan in 2009 to Facebook in 2012 as a developer network. In this period, Ethan is mainly responsible for Facebook API’s global operations and product marketing and developer relations. Ethan in office prior to Facebook, Google served as social media director and director of new business development. According to public information, not much Xpring is currently involved in investment projects, the present disclosure only to block capital chain (Blockchain Capital) under $150 million in venture capital investment fund.

Then, Gerbaud and Forte specific details of the cooperation is?

According to the official Xpring blog and news release, Forte will be “embedded” in its platform in different types of Ripple products. The use of Interledger Protocol (ILP XRP (cross books protocol) and the monetary base reboxetine currency) as settlement to the solution of Codius container, and managed to achieve seamless transaction based on cross chain.

“An important innovation block chain technology lies in its huge potential to release almost all forms of digital interaction. The game is a 1400 billion dollar global industry, which is mainly composed of a small digital transaction mode driver. We believe that the advantages of data integrity and elastic mechanism of block chain technology, will enable the industry to benefit.” Forte chief platform officer Brett Seyler pointed out that the game industry needs to support the economy, cross chain collaboration solutions scale.”

According to the Xpring and Forte announcement, block chain technology can help the developers to improve the design and operation of the game, but for many developers, the development and deployment of block chain technology is very difficult. This special fund aims to apply blockchain technology to game developers, and to improve the participation of the game player and profit. The first phase of the fund is mainly for the operation of at least 50 thousand active users of the game developers (currently in the most popular Facebook games, live in 1 million to about 10 million), and are interested in using the block chain to unlock new game design and promote business development.

According to public information, Forte had a large number of investors, consultants and partners to support. Investment institutions including the a16z (a16z digital crypto Andreessen Horowitz (IMF), a16z, Battery Ventures Canaan Fund), Partners Coinbase, Ventures, 1confirmation etc.. Forte also received numerous support and investment in the block chain leading figures, they include Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, co-founder and chief technology officer Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan. The former California Berkeley’s Haas School of business Dean Richard Lyons as a resident economist to join Forte.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Forte, Forte and Ripple that block chain will have a huge impact on the game. No need to provide a set of depth master block chain technology and easy to use platform tools, is a necessary prerequisite for the end consumer scale chain block. “Ethan Beard said.

At present, Xpring and Forte are actively supported the game developers with standard. “If developers have wired on active users over a million games, and trying to improve their business through the block chain technology, welcome to contact us.” Vice President Forte Allen Ma said the partnership.

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